Don’t Buy These Baby Items Second Hand

I'm a big fan of shopping second hand, especially when it comes to items you won't be using for very long. But as this contributor shares in their important peice, for some items, you do not want to be shopping second hand. This is especially true for your fragile newborn infant. Here's more. Here's to keeping safe!

We all know that raising children is expensive, and before they’re even born it’s easy to spend a small fortune on all the essentials you’ll need before they make their grand entrance. So, it makes perfect sense to try and save money where you can, especially when these baby things will become obsolete within just a few short months. 

One of the quickest and safest ways to buy secondhand items is via friends, social media, bidding websites, forums and of course apps that are dedicated to second-hand sales. However, there are some items that parents should be wary of buying second hand. If you’re a new parent for the first time, you may be wondering what is safe to buy used and what’s not. Here we’ll explore the secondhand items you shouldn’t buy for your baby.

The car seat

As a parent-to-be, you’ll already understand the need and instinct to keep your child safe. So, investing in a car seat will keep your child safe in the event of a car accident – speak to this Alexandria lawyer dealing with car accidents if you or a family member have been injured on the road.

However, the car seat is something that you should only ever buy new. Why? Because second-hand car seats may not be up to date with the latest safety regulations and technology. They could also be damaged and in the event of a crash, and may not offer the protection your baby needs to survive. Always purchase a brand new car seat and have it fitted correctly in your vehicle.

Baby toys

We all know how expensive baby toys can be. Especially ones that are full of lights, songs and irritating phrases. While more modern toys may be acceptable to purchase second hand, parents should be wary of babies playing with older toys. In particular, toys that grandparents keep for years and bring out every time a new baby is welcomed into the family.

Of course, it's wonderfully nostalgic to see your baby play with a toy that your dad played with when he was an infant, but it could be dangerous. Worn parts, toxic materials, choking hazards - always be wary of second-hand toys.


If you can't breastfeed or you choose not to, then stocking up on infant formula means quite a large expense. However, new parents should always be wary of buying second-hand tubs of formula. There's nothing to suggest that there would be any deliberate tampering with the product, however, if the storage instructions haven't been followed then the product could degrade and potentially harm your infant.

And finally, cribs

Much like car seats, cribs and baby beds all have strict safety regulations. They go through rigorous testing to ensure that a baby can use them without injury or death. When you purchase a second-hand crib, you just don't get that safety guarantee.

Again, the crib may not have been stored properly and certain components could be weak and dangerous, there could be missing parts or sharp edges you can’t see. Always play it safe and buy new!

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