Brilliant Ways to Give Your Home a Relaxing Atmosphere

I hated my old home. Especially at first. The fact that it was so small definitely didn't help, but the fact that it was not to my taste at all made it even worse. I remember how much enjoyment it gave me to give my home a makeover. I'm happy to share these tips from a reader with you on how you can transform your home the same way.

Regardless of how long you’ve been living in your home, or if you are just moving into a new place - it’s always a struggle to decorate and make space feel like home. It all comes down to your personal preference, are you a maximalist or a minimalist, or somewhere in between? It all plays a big part in what makes your home feel like a home for you. Here are some brilliant and easy ways to give any space a makeover and turn it into a true sanctuary! 

One of the biggest changes you can make in your home, that will also make a huge difference in setting the mood is adding a particular color into space. Some of the best calming colors for your walls are blue, soft green, and tan - as they are not too tiring for the eyes, but also aren’t cold like pure white and such colors. When you think about relaxing, you think about the warmth and the coziness of the place. Obviously, this is a lot of work, a useful trick to avoid changing the colors of your wall is to bring a lot of color by getting adequate items and decorations instead! Think tapestries, pillows, sheets, and stuff like that, this way you’ll be both practical and bring in a bit of relaxing vibes into your space!


If painting your walls seems like a waste of time, but you still want a major change, this just might be the thing for you. We easily forget how lighting can change any space and make us feel a certain way - it’s totally a mood changer. Experts at state that lighting is one of the most important things in your home, especially when it’s dark out, it’s up to you to decide what kind of light suits your eyes the most. Thanks to technology, now you can get any kind of light you want, any color and any intensity. Setting up small lamps everywhere in the house is a great way to make it more cozy and warm, perfect for relaxing!


Who doesn’t like plants, right? Sure, it takes some time and energy to take care of them, but having them in your home is an award on its own. You can still get some fake plants to fill in space if you don’t have much time to take care of them. Not only are they air-purifiers, but plants are also the best decoration when it comes to budget, and they also bring in a certain dose of calming energy in any room. They just fill up space nicely and work great as decorations. Some plants are a hassle, but a lot of them just need a bit of watering from time to time, this can be super relaxing to do as well.


Most people think about visual things, like color and certain items to calm the space, but there’s an invisible method that can help with stress and make any space feel like a sanctuary in no time. Most artificial smells seem fake, over the top and so strong that can give you a migraine, but some scents are actually good for your wellbeing. The typical relaxing smells are lavender and bergamot, regardless if it’s in oil form or a candle, these scents are worth having in your home if you want to achieve the maximum levels of relaxation.


Depending on if you are a maximalist, a minimalist, or somewhere in between, every little detail counts! When it comes to decorating your home, you really need to follow your gut, that is if you prefer fewer things - by all means get rid of them. A clean and minimal space can truly calm your nerves and make your daily life a little less hectic. But if you prefer to have all sorts and kinds of trinkets around, that’s totally fine too - but you’ll have to organize them accordingly, the mess is just a mess and it will make your daily life hard if you just pile up stuff. Learn to balance between those two, place a book or two on your nightstand, display your favorite Halloween mugs, this is a great way to make your home feel cozy and less hectic while keeping it manageable. 


And you thought that listening to background music only happens on the screen? You can do it too, without getting distracted while doing your daily tasks. There is a plethora of sounds and noises you can listen to, from crackling fire to thunder and rainstorms - this is a super relaxing thing to listen to when you are reading a book, or even doing your taxes! You can also find exact surroundings like a coffee shop or a warm cottage, there are so many options to choose from, you’ll easily find something you are interested in!


If you recently moved to a new place and can’t shrug the feeling like you are living in someone else's house - there are ways to reduce the stress and make the space look amazing while you are at it. Pictures are a great way to display the things you love, from the people you love to the places you love visiting, everything that crosses your mind, and makes you happy. That’s why putting polaroids or framed pictures on your nightstand, or even dedicating a whole wall and making it into your own personal gallery will help you cope with stress and make you more relaxed once you see all those things you love in one place.

Making your home feel homier is sometimes hard, but there are so many common and easy ways to make any space more cozy and relaxing! It’s all about finding the things you like, and what makes you most relaxed and calmed down. Sometimes the aesthetic is less important, and it’s better to get something that makes you happier than something that doesn’t truly bring anything to the home. Your hands are untied, so be creative and follow your gut!

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