Frugal Accomplishments This Past Week

I haven't done one of these things in a while. Partly laziness, and partly feeling like I haven't done anything frugal thats worth sharing. Because my life just was... not particularly frugal. But after a cooking session that was ridiculously frugal oriented, I realized that I wanted to share that with you, and with that, I also came to the conclusion that I have so many other frugal things I did this past week. Ok, I'm also including things that my son did that helped me save money.

Sorry this wasn't categorized, I'm writing this post a bit in a rush.

I bought and picked up Lee's second hand computer.

Lee problem solved and fixed his computer issues without needing to call a technician.

I made compote from soft old fruit.

Made french toast from stale bread

Picked basil and mint from the yard and used it for various recipes.

Made homemade pesto with yard basil.

Took leftover rice no one wanted to eat and used part mixed with beef to stretch it, and mint from the garden, to make stuffed artichoke hearts. 

Took the rest of the rice with sauce left from stuffed cabbage and made tomato rice soup.

Took leftover sweet potatoes and butternut squash and turned them into soup.

Used leftover pesto to make pesto chicken soup.

Used free lamb broth in homemade mashed potatoes.

Made kombucha.

Took the unreliable bus (because of corona) instead of renting a car, twice.

Got a refund from my psychiatrist via submitting receipts to my health insurance.

Got half off my new glasses with a health insurance discount.

Bleached and dyed my own hair.

Purchased a new graphics card for Lee's computer, second hand.

That was a lot!

What frugal things did you and your family get up to lately?

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  1. Once u actually write/type it all down, it looks like a whole lot, and u can really see all your various accomplishments- and they are most definitely accomplishments!

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