Those Little Things Kids Do That Bring Parents Joy

Parenting can be exhausting and grueling work, and when the kids are very young, can even feel thankless at times. However, it is also one of the most rewarding things, especially when your kids do things that really bring a smile to your face. Like tonight, just lying down in bed watching a movie while cuddled up with my daughter was one of those perfect moments. Here's a list of things sent in from a reader that kids often do (especially more and more as they get older) that can really make you feel appreciated as a parent. 

Life is busy, and many parents can forget to appreciate the little moments that bring them happiness. Children often do things that delight you, whether knowingly or unknowingly. These moments can be fleeting, and you might not realize their importance until you get some free time alone. A close bond with children is a gift that should be cherished. Parents often give their kids the gift of experiences to make them appreciate the family bond but they don’t realise that children can give them the same gift too. Here are just a few of the most common small things that children do that bring parents happiness.

Understanding parents

Parents ideally love their children unconditionally. They are always there to support and understand their children, and it is delightful when the favour is returned. There might have been decisions that were difficult to make regarding your life or your child’s life and it is gratifying when the children understand and accept these decisions. Often, a child supporting a parent’s point of view is an important moment, as it is a mark of the child maturing.

Spending time

As children grow up, they often get busy with their own lives, but there comes a time when they start paying attention to you and spending time with you. For a parent, some quality time with their children is one of the best ways to spend a day. Whether spent just talking, going out for a meal, or doing some DIY project, any time in the company of children without distractions is going to be a good time.

Cooking a meal

Seeing your children cook a meal for you is definitely going to bring a smile on your face. Whatever they bring to you, whether it be a simple toast or sandwich or a full meal, you will probably enjoy it with all your heart. During this time when everyone is working from home, if your child brings some food or snacks to you on a busy work day, the gesture of care will lighten up your day a bit.

Small gestures of love

This is one of the most subtle ways in which children make parents happy. Every time they kiss your cheek or hug you makes your heart feel content. Simply feeling loved through these small gestures on a hectic day can make everything just a bit better.

Material gifts

Children often show their appreciation through material gifts. Your children might have noticed that you need something and decided to give it to you. Older children might go through a list of great gift ideas to find one that might make your life easier and more comfortable, while younger ones could paint a picture or make a macaroni necklace. You might not actually want anything, but a material gift is a child’s token of care.

It is not always easy to take care of your children. They can act difficult without reason and you have to care and have patience for them. But children are also a source of warmth and comfort. They can make your heart sing from the smallest gestures.

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