How to Save Money On Kids Clothes

Clothing can be the bane of a parents' budget. You buy the kids clothes and within five seconds they are growing out of them. This happens the most in their first few years of life (kids go through 6 or more sizes in their first 2 years of life!!!) but also again during puberty. If you aren't careful with how you get these clothes, your finances can really take a turn for the worse. 

Here's some great tips from a reader including the last which I suck at- my son Lee is very finicky about his clothes and will generally only wear more expensive styles from more expensive brands and I have ruined too many of his clothes by washing them with the wrong thing and dying them weird colors that make them unusable for him. Follow these tips, you won't regret it!

Kids can grow up really fast, and constantly buying clothes for them as they grow can eat up your household budget. How do you save some money on your kids’ clothes? Here are some tips: 

Buy Quality Clothes

If you have several kids, buying quality clothes is the best way for you to save money, as you can be sure your kids will be able to wear them for a longer period of time. Since they won’t quickly wear out, your younger kids can have them as hand-me-downs as well. For example, you can buy premium clothes from Baby Riddle for one child, and they’ll last long enough to be worn by any future children you may have.

Buy Off-Season Styles

When winter is close, most shops will have deals on their summer and spring clothes. When purchasing from last season, make sure that you take note of how grown your child will be by that season. For example, if you are buying summer clothes during winter, make sure it will fit your child when summer comes. 

Buy and Sell From Thrift Stores

Branded clothing doesn’t matter as much for children. Buying your child clothes from thrift stores is a sure way to help you save money. Make sure that you choose gently used clothes and wash them thoroughly before you have your kids wear them. If you can let them dry under the sun, all the better, as this practice helps kill bacteria and viruses more efficiently. Similarly, you can also choose to sell some of your child’s outgrown clothes so you can have money to buy properly sized garments. 

Buy Second Hand

You don’t really have to go to thrift stores to buy clothes. You can also scour several platforms where you can buy used clothes, particularly for small children. Before you commit, make sure to see the items in person, so you can inspect if they have any damages. If this isn’t possible, you can ask the seller to send videos or close-up pictures. You may also want to ask the seller if there are any issues such as discolorations, rips, or missing buttons. 

Preserve Your Clothes

Sometimes the reason that you have to buy new clothes is that current garments are too damaged to be worn. If you want to save money and refrain from buying clothes, you should start by taking care of your clothes. Ideally, you should not be using any strong bleach that can damage them. If there are stains, the best way to remove them would be to let the clothes soak up the sun. For clothes that have delicate materials, it would be best to hand wash them instead of throwing them in the washing machine. If you are unsure of how you should wash your child’s clothes, you may check the tags for washing instructions. 

Some families typically don’t have a budget for children’s clothes. This is why the cost of buying new ones can significantly affect your monthly budget. If you follow our tips on buying children’s clothes, you will quickly realize how much you can save.

What are your tips for keeping down costs of clothing for your kids?

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