Ode to the Sea Beet (A Delicious Foraged Wild Edible)

Some plants, I write about. But when I'm oh so in love with a certain plant, and for very good reason, I let my dork flag fly and I dedicate a whole long poem to it. I hope you enjoy (and find it educational as well).

Ode to the Sea Beet (A Delicious Foraged Wild Edible)

I think that I shall never see
A plant as lovely as the sea beet
It's wild and its full of charm
Edible too, no need for alarm

Mildly flavored and full of nutrition
It is the star in my healthy kitchen
No need to take care of it, it's self sufficient
And growing it is oh so efficient

Because it tastes like swiss chard
I have it growing all over my yard
It isn't bitter, not one little bit
Has no thorns, it's such a hit

I kill most plants that I try to grow
But this plant is hardy, I tell you so
If you want to kill it, you'd have to try hard
This plant is a wild card

It spreads its seeds all over the place
And takes up a lot of your garden space
But trust me, you wont regret it
Soon you'll tell all your friends to get it

Its free food without any work
Feed it to guests without nary a smirk
Cuz it tastes like spinach in all dishes
This plant has fulfilled all my foraging wishes

That can't be wild, they tell me so
But they dont know the things I know
The sea beet is a wild plant
"Chard isn't wild", I've heard people rant
"Don't share that here, its not relevant"

Beta vulgaris maritima
I can't think of a word to rhyme-a
Native to the Africa, Europe, and Asia coast
It has many decendants of which it can boast

Swiss chard, beetroot, and sugar beet 
This plant can be growing at your feet
Because it's spread all over the world
Even in Australia, or so I've heard

But if it isn't native to you, that is okay
Find someone to get you seeds right away
Throw them in our garden, no need to sow
Just be patient, wait for it to grow

Eventually, it'll pop up, maybe after a rain
But be patient, it may take some time in your terrain
This plant is used to thriving on its own
Wait for the right minute, until it is grown

And then once you have it, it'll multiply
And as soon as you use it, you'll quickly see why
I wrote this ode to the lovely sea beet
The wondrous green veggie I forage to eat

In soups and stews, salads galore
Indian curry, and spring rolls I adore
Versatile, tasty, big green plant
The size of those leaves are far from scant

A few will be enough for your whole meal
Hopefully now you've begun to feel
Why this plant is deserving of all this praise
I hope to enjoy it all of my days

Have you ever heard of sea beet before? Do you have it growing locally? Would you want to try it? Would you like to attempt to get some seeds? What is your favorite use for swiss chard?

If you're a forager, what is your absolute hands down favorite plant to forage?

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  1. I would love to try it but it doesn't grow here in eastern NC.

    1. There might be ways to get seeds there.

    2. https://www.magicgardenseeds.com/The-Good-To-Know/Sea-beet-(Beta-vulgaris-ssp.-maritima)-A.BET05- For example.

    3. It pays to plant it in your yard because its self sufficient

  2. This is utterly charming. And thanks for the seeds link; now I want to try it.

  3. Is the Lutz leaf beet similar? It's grown for its leaves, which are supposed to be delicious. Grows in the US.

  4. Beautiful and awesome! I learned much, and will learn more now thank you. Well done!

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