How to Keep Healthy and Save Money Doing it

Sometimes in order to pursue health we need to spend a lot of money. And that is fine. Pursuit of health is a worthy goal. But fortunately there are also some cost saving ways to also pursue health. Here's some tips from a reader how.

Nowadays, we rely a lot on healthcare and prescription drugs. We look for quick fixes to help with long term conditions. But we must question ourselves on whether we are spending an unnecessary fortune and think about the vast range of alternatives out there. 

1. Non Surgical Treatment 

A professional such as a chiropractor can save you a lot of money because not only do they work with you, they also educate you on how to take control of your ailment. They are healthcare professionals that focus on the adjustment of your spine, ultimately aiming to reduce pressure and pain by several stages of restoration. Looking into medicine such as this is a great way to test out all kinds of different methods that are specific to any condition(s) you may have before splurging on any highly expensive surgeries. 

2. Fitness

Learning about want kind of exercise you need is vital too. Go for what you really like rather than working yourself to the ground on something you find dull. Don’t be afraid to try out all different activities. There are so many free or low cost options out there too. When it comes to any injuries you may have suffered, pains, aches or strains you feel, light, regular exercise is such a brilliant way of staying strong and healthy, again without having to splash out on astronomical therapies, endless doctors trips or pricey prescription drugs. 

Why not try…
3. Diet 

It goes without saying that diet plays a major role in our health and often a bad one contributes to all kinds of nasty illnesses, conditions and diseases. The best, cheapest and healthiest way to upkeep a good diet is to explore and hunt for recipes for balanced, decent meals. Takeaways and spending ridiculous amounts on food that you won’t really eat are not sustainable regimes. You need to establish meal plans, inject life and color into your diet and learn what nutrients your body needs to thrive. There are blogs, videos, recipe books, magazine pages and other such resources jam packed full of amazing ideas often at incredible prices to feed a whole family with! Find your own balance, know when to treat yourself and when to have restraint but also learn to enjoy all different kinds of food.

4. Mind 

We’re so focused on our physical health that we often forget about our mental health and we also don’t realize that the two go hand in hand. If you’re in a troubled place and don’t look after yourself, chances are that you’ll fall into bad habits. That’s why it’s crucial to take some time to think about what you really need and don’t be afraid to accept what you can and can’t do. Have some you time, spend time in nature, read a good book, visit friends, watch rubbish on the TV, wander around your favorite places in the city. You don’t have to spend loads of money to practice self care nor do you have to feel guilty about it. Always make time for you and you’ll feel healthier and richer in many ways.

All in all, it’s time to stop bobbing along the surface and dig deep into what it means to be healthy in a cost effective and positive manner. Experiment, look beyond the easiest route and find what gives you the zest and zeal to be the very best version of you!

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