How To Make a Pandemic Party Special, or How to have a Fun and Safe Covid Birthday Celebration

There's so many hard things about today's current situation, and one of the biggest ones is that keeping safe can make it feel like a birthday is really sad and depressing, because you can't have the types of celebrations that you've had in the past. However, that doesn't mean that you can't celebrate! Yes, it takes some creativity, and your birthdays won't look the same as they have in past years, but you can still have a great time!

Here's a few suggestions on how to celebrate birthdays in a special way while keeping Covid safe. 

Socially Distanced Parties

This is a bit harder with younger kids, but with older kids and adults you can have parties with tables set apart from each other in small capsules (ideally people who live together or are in school together anyhow), so that no one is breathing on and potentially infecting each other, but you are close enough to hear whats going on. You can then play games that are mainly verbal, or can have a big screen in front of everyone, so that people can participate even without being so close to each other. there's so many games you can play this way, but some examples might be Taboo, Family Feud, Scattegories, 20 Questions, Jeopardy, Who wants to be a Millionaire, Quiplash, Mad Libs, Guess Who, and many more.

At your socially distanced party, you can have food either on each capsules table, or on a serving table having things prepackaged in individual packages so that no one is getting germs on each others' food. 

You can play Bubble Soccer, which would mean you could play a fun game together that is active, while still being socially distanced, since the bubbles prevent you from getting too close to each other.

Alternatively, you can make your own drive in movie theater with a large screen and a projector and celebrate the birthday party that way, and also have games similar to what was mentioned above for the capsule party.

Fun Family Only Parties
If a socially distanced birthday party doesn't appeal to you, or if it doesn't seem safe enough for you, you can make your birthday party with just immediate family members fun with the following ideas. Some of these are more expensive, but presumably if you are sticking to only your family members for the party, you'll save money and instead can maybe invest more in making the party more special. This list was a collaboration made together with my kids, so they get credit for some pretty interesting ideas (and the blame if you think a certain idea is too weird).
  • Go to a nice restaurant that you wouldn't generally frequent, if the budget allows. Or get takeout, and either eat it at your house or at a picnic somewhere special in nature.
  • Rent a bounce house for your family and have a blast!
  • If you have a backyard swimming pool, make it into a giant ball pit. (This was my kid's idea. I don't know how feasible it is, but it sounds like a blast.)
  • Do face painting. Perhaps splurge and hire a face paint artist to come (with a mask, of course).
  • Hire an entertainer, such as a magician, balloon artist, or a clown.
  • Make a "pass the parcel" game but with many, many layers. Alternatively, just wrap a gift in 100 layers and have fun unwrapping them all.
  • Have a dance party. Make this even more special by using a strobe light, disco ball, bubble machine, smoke machine, UV lights and glow in the dark paint, etc...
  • Make the birthday boy or girl's favorite meal.
  • Throw confetti. But do this outdoors. (This was from my kids. Not sure if this is enough for a whole party, or just a cute addition. But it is enough to make it more special.)
  • Make jewelry together. There are some really nice kits out there.
  • Make fancy updoes and makeup for everyone.
  • Make an obstacle/ninja warrior type course and have people run it.
  • Karaoke party, but make sure there's a microphone to sing into- my kids want to make sure you know to have that because singing into a mic is much more fun.
  • Have carnival style games and competitions.
  • Have a paint party!
  • Rent a private pool for your family to use if you don't have a pool.
  • Have a treasure hunt around your property, with clues and a fun surprise at the end.
I'm sure you can come up with even more fun ideas once you get your creative juices flowing! No need to be sad- there's so many new and exciting ways to celebrate!

How have you celebrated during this pandemic? Have you done any of these, or some other things? What would you add to my list?

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