Master Working from Home with a Toddler

As someone who has worked from home for as long as she's been a parent, I can tell you it's not an easy thing. Here are some suggestions from a reader on how to make this gargantuan task, that you might not have chosen otherwise, just a little bit easier.

Work will never be the same again. Due to the pandemic, the year 2020 has seen a massive shift in flexibility and in work-life balance. 

With many parents forced into remote work from home situations, the opportunity to be productive and yet parent at the same time has given rise to many turning this into a permanent transition.

But navigating working from home and being a parent, especially to a toddler, comes with its own set of difficulties. Unlike an infant, your toddler is mobile and needs constant attention.

Follow these great tips on how to parent like a pro to a toddler and be productive at the same time.

Create a Workspace

Designate a separate space from which to work if at all possible. Your toddler will come to understand that this is your space where work takes place.

Set up a corner with activity items and make this space your toddler's work area. Focus on positive reinforcement and reward your toddler when they have been good and not disrupted you while at work. By doing this, they will be more likely to learn and repeat these desired behaviors.

Get a Head Start

One of the best ways is to get as much done while your toddler is asleep. By setting your alarm an hour or two before they get up, you can start tackling your workload for the day.

No distractions and the ability to prioritize, get to your emails and organize your workday.

Encourage Independent Play

Independent play should be encouraged as a vital part of your toddler's development, leaving you free to concentrate on your work.

Daycare toys such as visual tracking and sensory tubes and magnetic rods and balls assist in forming cognitive development and fine motor skills of your toddler. As do stacking rings and alphabet bean bags for gross motor and discovery skills. All of which will entice your toddler to play by themselves.

Schedule Nap Times

Keeping to a consistent schedule for nap time for your toddler is vital. It not only establishes a routine but is essential for the health and development of your little one. A two to three-hour nap is not unusual for a toddler and frees you up to get on with work-related projects.

Share the Load

Support is non-negotiable for work-from-home parents, whether this is your partner, mother-in-law, or hired babysitter. Carving out time for you to attain those deadlines or finish a project.

Asking for help is one of the keys to success for parents working from home. Look at your current situation and determine whether a hired babysitter would be best for a few hours a week.

The Takeaway of Working from Home

While working from home has its benefits, it's not always easy on you or your toddler.

Never lose sight of your motivation to be a work from home parent. It’s the small things like having the time during the day to give your toddler the attention and love they need and deserve, which is one of the biggest perks of all.

For those of you who have worked from home with toddlers or are currently doing so, what are your favorite tips and tricks to add to this list?

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