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I hate moving with a passion. I've done it twice in my adult life (moving a whole home) and it is one of the most stressful experiences I've gone through. However there are a few things you can do to make it easier. This moving guide from a reader is definitely a big help with that. 

According to Removalists Melbourne, almost half the Australia population has moved various houses in the last six years. This proves that people are in continuous search of better residential options and the importance of being ready and prepared to move to not lose out an opportunity for better living conditions at an affordable price.

And that is why a ready-made house moving checklist provides the right starting point to such a huge endeavour.

It also helps that, the checklist being accumulated by surveying many who have experience in house moving and learning from their regrets, will be the most practical and useful guide to potential movers.

Here are the numbered guidelines, priority-wise to all who are set to move into a new house.

Make sure that you check every box in this checklist.

1. Select a trusted and efficient removalist service:

With the statistics from the government organizations like the Australian Bureau of Statistics stating a large chunk of the population is on the move between houses in Australia, it won’t be a problem to find a trustworthy removal company.

Choosing one from the plethora of competitors might become the real problem which can easily be solved by the internet using google reviews.

Anyways, the first important task to all those who plan to move is to find the right removalist company.

Things to consider while choosing a removalist service:
  • Reiterate if you require a removal company to move your belongings.
  • Find the quality of service through word of mouth since this will be the most honest feedback.
  • Check the company’s reviews online.
  • Make sure to agree on a price formally before engaging their services.
2. Notify people of the importance of your shift in residence:

If you are staying in a rental, make sure to notify the landlords of your leaving at least 30 days before your planned leaving date.

Other formal parties that would require prior notice may include redirecting mails and real-estate agents in case you are moving from your own house.

This will make it convenient for you to leave the current house as you won’t be missing any important mails and there will be a party available to occupy your old house immediately.

3. Organize your possessions:

Moving houses is the perfect excuse to get rid of the most unwanted and underutilized possessions.

Declutter your house and classify your belongings to donate, give away or throw out accordingly.

This way you also reduce the moving costs and at the same time will not miss important documents and memories that you will prefer to carry to your new house.

4. Collect packing boxes:

Good quality packing boxes are a must-have in shifting. But packing boxes always seem to be lacking during house shifting.

The best way to ensure that you have enough moving equipment is to organize your belongings and collect packing boxes accordingly. Almost all the removalists and mover services also sell packing boxes.

Hence acquiring these from them is the most convenient method to ensure clutter-free shifting.

5. Book a cleaning service on the day of the moving:

Everyone wishes to make their house look more than presentable when they are moving.

And on top of the stress of shifting the house, cleaning it is an additional easily outsourceable activity.

Hiring a cleaning company will not only strike off a task on your to-do list but also make your house spotless according to real estate industry standards.

6. Clear outstanding bills and update your utility suppliers:

If you cannot change or update addresses for your utility services, make sure to clear all the same outstanding bills before moving out.

Utility services include Electricity, gas, phone and broadband services.

Keep all the documents and proofs required for change of address at hand and organize all these a good amount of time ahead of your shifting date.

Consider services like the internet, which are a hassle to transfer but easy to set up, to be set up well when you move officially to your new house.

And for utilities that you wish to cancel, give them the date of cancellation as soon as possible.

7. Have an essential overnight kit ready:

It is plainly impossible to have everything at hand or an idea of where you packed everything essential immediately after shifting into the new house.

So it is a wise choice to have an overnight essential bag that consists of important documents and other essential toiletries for basic human hygiene packed separately and with you during the transition process.

Important things that will be part of this essential bag
  • Clothes for at least 2 days.
  • Toiletries.
  • Medicines and first aid kit.
  • Electronics like chargers, headphones and power bank.
  • Important documents and passport.
  • Snacks and water for emergencies.

8. Organize and empty your fridge and kitchen:

People often forget to manage the kitchen inventory over the stress of organizing the many things one has to pack.

The best way to ensure that no money is wasted over kitchen supplies is to do the grocery shopping at least two weeks before the move date.

And in case you miscalculated and fell short of cooking supplies a few days before the move, consider takeaway instead of another grocery trip.

This will minimize both the food wastage and also the money wastage.

9. Take photos of items that have a chance of damage during shifting:

This step is especially essential in case of electronics.

Take photos of how various chords are installed in your electronics so that re-installing them in your new house becomes easier.

Also, photograph the serial number and model number of your devices so that repair or replacement of said devices becomes easier in case of any damage.

10. Get to know your new community before moving:

It is important to know important places like hospitals, schools, dentists and police stations in your new community even before you move in there.

This will help you deal with emergencies independently and without panic, even if you do not find immediate help there.

All the essential matters that should not be missed during moving houses are mentioned in the guidelines above.

This will surely make your transition process a little easier intellectually if not emotionally.

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