5 Tips to Make You Better at Gift Giving

Gifting is wonderful and its something I try to incorporate into my life regularly. It's always nice to look for tips on how to be an even better giver, and these tips sent to me by a reader are wonderful. I especially love the first one- while I've heard the concept before, the way it was worded is a really great way to help notice what would make someone's life better.

Who doesn’t love gifting?

Whether you’re giving someone you care about a wonderful present, or you’re receiving something to celebrate a milestone moment in your life, there’s nothing like a good present.

However, as fun as gifting can be, it can also be a real headache too. Finding the perfect present every time someone has a special occasion to celebrate is easier said than done. On top of that, you need to think about wrapping the item, and making it look extra special too.

Fortunately, if you’ve always struggled with gift giving, you’re in the right place. Here are some quick and simple tips that will make you better at the art of presents in no time.

1. Pay Attention to Complaints

First things first, when you’re looking for inspiration on what to get a friend or loved one, one of the best places to start is to pay attention to what they’re often complaining about. We all like to complain from time to time, but sometimes those complaints are an excellent source of inspiration. For instance, if your friend is constantly complaining about aching legs after work, maybe you could get them some pressure socks that help with circulation.

If your dad complains that he can never find the screwdriver that he needs when he’s working on a project, get him a new set of screwdrivers, or several in the size that he needs most. Gifts that solve real problems in a person’s life are hugely appreciated.

2. Try Picking a Theme

If you’re buying gifts for a bunch of people, such as your wedding party, or the people coming to a house-moving event, then you can quickly get tired of trying to think of the right present for everyone in that group one at a time. Fortunately, it’s much easier to give gifts if you have a theme in mind. Sites like UKGifts.co.uk can help with this.

You could give out personalized notebooks or look into gifting embroidered ties that will remind everyone of their school days. There’s nothing wrong with allowing a theme to guide you, particularly if you have a lot of friends or co-workers who like similar things.

3. Take Notes

Throughout your life, you’ll probably see a lot of people both giving and receiving gifts, so why not pay attention to these interactions? If you’re planning on getting your girlfriend something special for your anniversary, think about what she’s freaked out about in the past? What does she consider to be romantic, and what does she mention when you watch soppy movies together?

If you’re getting a gift for your boss, think about the last time he received an item from someone in the office. How did he respond? Paying attention to the things that your loved ones are really passionate about will make it much easier for you to choose a gift that comes across as extremely thoughtful and caring.

4. Buy Early and Often

The last thing you want to do is be stuck struggling to think of the perfect present the day before your special occasion arrives. Make sure that you’re not stuck in a difficult position by keeping a close eye on your calendar and making a note to start shopping well in advance. This will also help if you’re planning on ordering things from the web that might not arrive for a while.

If you want to be particularly prepared, then you could always think about creating a gift closet or a box where you store additional gifts that you grab during sales, or just because you have a little extra cash. This extra stash of presents will come in handy whenever you’re caught off guard because you need a thank you gift, or a get-well soon gift. Plus, you might even find that you save a little extra cash by buying ahead of time.

5. Put Yourself into the Gift

Finally, the best gifts are the ones that really allow you to show off your personality and what you know about the other person. If you know that your friend finds the idea of gift wrap totally bizarre, then you could consider using scraps of old wrapping paper to create a unique wrapping experience for them that’s eco-friendly and less wasteful.

If you know that partner loves anything that shows a touch of extra emotion, try writing your own little poem in the card you get to go alongside the gift. Make it special, and personal.

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