Best Return Gift Ideas for your Child’s Birthday Party

Where you live, are party favors and goody bags a common thing given out at parties? For us here at regular birthday parties such things arent given out, but at school parties we do give out goodie bags. These things, I learned, thanks to this post sent to me by a reader, are sometimes called return gifts. Here are some cute ideas for what you can send as return gifts.

All kids wait for that special day of the year – their birthday. For that matter it is not only the kids but the adults also equally attach a lot of emotion to this special day.  As the day comes near, children bombard their parents with many questions related to this special day, like, what gifts they are going to get, who will be invited, what type of party the parents are thinking of, what dresses they would wear and many more. Birthdays are special for all kids, irrespective of their age, ethnicity, or social status. 

Many children today like playing games online or watching movies online. Sometimes when they're unsupervised on the internet they discover things that aren't age-appropriate such as casinos like WildBlaster, but even when they aren't going to websites meant for adults, they can be stuck in front of shows for hours instead of playing. When making a birthday party, you might want to think about what return gifts to give them, preferably ones that will engage their attention enough that they'll like using them even when they have the internet as an option. 

Here are some ideas of Return Gifts that most kids will enjoy and will excite them.

1. Number Finger Puppets.

This is a great return gift for children aged four and above. These tiny wooden numbered puppets are worn on the fingers. Usually children at the age of four start learning basic addition and subtraction. These numbered puppets help to learn the basic math in a quick and exciting way. Most of the children just love it.

2. Jigsaw Puzzles and Puzzle games

Puzzles are a great way to develop the cognitive faculties in a child. In addition solving puzzles also gives the excitement of exploring and achievement. Hence, the popularity of puzzles among kids of all ages, even adults. For 2+ kids one can find puzzles, which are just wooden blocks of different shapes and sizes. For 3+ kids puzzles, which challenge the mind like Jigsaw puzzles, are quite suitable.

3. Small plants:

Caring for a small plant and seeing it grow develops the inquisitive nature, which is naturally inherent in a child. As such, small plants as return gifts helps the child to become a nature-lover and aware of the impact of environment on our lives.

4. Clay Kits:

Kids love to make different shapes and play with clay modeling kits. Even adults like to make clay toys. It is a great way to promote the creativeness in children. In addition, making clay models also improves coordination.

5. Tangrams:

Many of us have heard of this brainteaser puzzle. Although this is not a standard birthday return gift, children may find a new interesting hobby through this game, which enhances motor skills. They contain wooden or plastic pieces and a book.

6. Jewelry Making Kit:

Jewelry making kits are wonderful options for return gifts.  This gift enhances creativity and the child finds it very exciting because with it they can create their own trendy trinkets. In these types of kits, there are many different options which are all fun. The child can make bracelets, necklaces, tiaras, anklets and many more.

7. Racing Cars:

Many kids are simply are fascinated by cars. Racing cars gear up their imagination and they become engrossed in the excitement of the competition. If the kid is a little older they also compare the brands, the model, and the color with cars in real life.

8. Dolls:

Dolls are good return gifts. It can be made more interesting by choosing sets rather than stand alone. Children find it interesting to play with dolls and roam in a make-believe world.

9. Board Games:

Board games are very educational as well as interesting. It teaches the child to work as a team, and accept the result of a competition whether it is victory or defeat. It inculcates the spirit of sportsmanship from a very young age.

There are many different types available, which have difficulty levels according to age, like Sequence, Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Monopoly, Cluedo, Battleship and many more.

Board games also teach children coordination, mental math, strategy planning, observation skills and problem solving.  

10. Stars that Glow in the Dark:

These are beautiful little things, which a child can fix in their room ceiling. They glow like little stars when the lights are switched off transporting them to a magical world under the open night sky. Not only does it fire up their little imaginative minds but it also teaches them about the stars and planets. 

11. Collage Frames:

Kids love photographs. Actually, we all love to capture our precious moments and browse over them later in our leisure. It is a good idea to encourage children to collect photographs and make collages out of them according to a certain theme or a particular moment they would like to preserve.

Collage frames are generally DIY kits which help children count, collect, select and put together pictures of their friends, families, pets in an interesting manner.

12. Lunch Boxes:

Kids somehow tend to get bored with same lunch box and look for variety.  There are innovatively designed lunch boxes that are available in the market which make the school-time meal exciting for the child. Lunch boxes and water bottles with their favorite cartoon characters like Elsa or Paw Patrol or Pokemon are widely available in the market nowadays. This is also a great return gift, which the kids love, no matter how many of these they have at home.

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