Exciting News to Share

You know what that face is?

It's genuine happiness.

A feeling of freedom.


I asked Mike 2 years and 8 months ago for a divorce. 

Mike moved out 2 years and 5 months ago.

We've been separated all this time, and I desperately wanted to be officially divorced.

But things kept on stalling and stalling and before you know it 2 and a half years passed.

Every time I'd talk to people I'd have to refer to him either as my husband or my soon to be ex because he technically was still my husband. Every time I'd talk about my marital status I'd have to say separated....

But today we went to court, and I thought we'd deal with financial stuff, but in the end, surprisingly, our divorce was finalized today! Even without the financial stuff finished.

It's such a freedom to finally be divorced. I feel like I'm glowing. Able to really smile for the first time in far too long.

Someone called me tonight wanting to have a meeting with me about one of my kids, and asked if the father could come, and I was able to finally say "Actually, we're divorced, so better do it separate" instead of saying "We're separated." 

Yes, yes, yes. 


D I V O R C E D!!!

This was both a religious and a civil divorce today, and since I am a religious person the religious divorce was extremely important to me.

Divorced. Ex-husband. 

Exciting words to say.

Exciting news to share with you.

Can't you see how huge my grin is?

I feel like dancing and saying Yippeeee!

But I won't.

So I just will smile and share this happy news with you. Squeeeeee!

And yes, it's happy. We both knew the marriage wasn't a healthy one and divorce was necessary. It's just nice to have that finalized, even if we still need to go back to court to work out other details.

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  1. Freedom never looked so pretty! All the best for physical and emotional healing going forward. I know you are a private person in certain ways and I feel honored to share in your joy! Congratulations. xx

  2. Congatulations. So nice to see you smiling that beautiful, genuine smile :)

  3. I've sometimes wonder if your ex reads your blog and now I wonder if he is reading this and going yippee too. Divorce is hard but once it's done it is truly freeing. I hope you're both happy and the children are as well.

  4. Wishing you all the best going forward!

  5. Congratulations! May your future be full of light, love and blessings.

  6. Congratulations! It’s an amazing feeling.

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