The best money-saving apps available to download right now

I love money saving. I love applications on my phone. Apps that save me money are the best kind. Here are some suggestions on money saving apps sent to me by a reader.

Saving money isn’t the easiest of goals to smash, particularly at the moment during these difficult and financially testing times for a lot of people. Fancy dinners can be made on a budget, or the occasional bargain can be found online. Still, overall the cost of living can catch up with people and lead to the rare stressful moment or two further down the line.

As is the way of the world now, there is pretty much an app for everything. That includes money-saving apps also, with an array of popular apps helping people all around the globe to make savings here and there wherever possible. Alongside this, sometimes your finances can feel overwhelming to manage and knowing exactly how much you should put aside for something can cause a headache. We have all been there.

Thankfully, due to technological advancements, we are continually exposed to, there are helpful money-saving apps capable of making us manage our money better. Our smartphones have come such a long way that they can house these types of apps alongside an array of already sophisticated features, such as being able to use various payment methods to play exciting casino games at or having the functionality to take high-quality images and handle box office movies on Amazon Prime. Now, people are using their smartphones to save money also.

With that in mind, here is a look at some of the best money-saving apps available to download right now.


If you’re keen to save a large amount of money, be it for a new car or a holiday abroad, then Plum is a solid option. The app analyses your spending habits and will suggest amounts to save in order to reach your target. It also saves money automatically, as well as rounding up transactions to the nearest pound and then saving the change. You can set saving goals, earn interest on savings, and even talk to a Plum advisor should you require any further tips and advice.


Tandem is another popular money-saving app at the moment, and it’s understandable as to why. It does automatic saving; you can set targets and withdraw the money easily when you reach them, alongside rounding up all transactions to the nearest pound like Plum does, allowing you to make more savings along the way. Everything is recorded clearly, explained well, and generally easy to digest thanks to this handy and well-designed app.


Brilliant at saving your money for you, so you don’t have to, Chip uses artificial intelligence to make sure you’re saving enough. It also analyses your spending patterns and suggests ways in which you can make savings, coupled with helping you set savings goals and smashing them. The app is free, but perhaps one downside is the fact that it charges you £1.50 a month if you manage to save over £100 during its free trial, which lasts 28 days. To be fair, though, for £1.50 a month it is most definitely worth it.


The fact remains, saving money is tough and generally isn’t a great deal of fun. Cleo does a good job of making it seem less daunting thanks to its automatic saving tools, excellent customer service, and its design. The app is fairly easy to grasp, too. Alongside all that, the app will also notify you when you’re near your overdraft, as well as setting saving goals and keeping tabs on your spending patterns.

Other money-saving apps worth checking out are Monzo, Starling Bank, Money Dashboard, Yolt and Emma.

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