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Child Custody: Choosing The Best Course For Your Child’s Best Interest

Divorce sucks. And one of the suckiest parts of divorce is dealing with custody. Who gets the kids, when do they get them, what will visitation be like, its all a big deal and scary, because we all (hopefully) want what is best for our kids, but what is best for them, and will the judges agree? This post sent in by a reader helps explain what judges look for in deciding who should get custody, as well as some things you can do to improve your chances of getting custody.

Getting a divorce is an unpleasant experience. When your children are involved, it’s even more difficult financially, logistically, and emotionally. No one should replace the part that you have in your child’s life. That’s why you need to fight for your children’s custody. However, securing your kids’ custody isn’t easy. You have to convince the court that you can ensure they’re safe and comfortable. Also, you may have to hire lawyers who specialize in family to help you win the case. To choose the best course for your child’s best interest, you need to understand what judges look at when awarding custodial rights. This article highlights some of the things you need to consider.

What Judges Consider When Determining A Child’s Best Interest

1. Age

Young kids require many people to care for them. That’s why courts look at the bond between a parent and a child when judging child custody cases. Most judges prefer giving the child to the parent who’s been their primary caregiver. Other judges may consider the child’s wishes.

2. Evidence Of Parental Responsibility

Courts need evidence that shows that a parent can meet the child’s emotional and physical needs. They always ask for evidence of how you’ve been providing clothing, shelter, food, emotional support, or education to your kids.

3. Safety

Safety is a factor that most family courts prioritize. If the judges think that a child’s safety will be compromised when they stay with you, they’re likely to deny you custodial rights.

How To Increase Your Chances Of Winning Your Children’s Custody

1. Show Responsibility

Though it may be difficult to change your past behavior, you should position yourself as an engaged and responsible parent if you want to get your kids’ custody. It would help if you did this long before the case starts to have evidence of positive patterned behavior. It may be challenging to deal with feelings of bewilderment, betrayal, and anger after a divorce, but it’s vital to be a good parent. Professional therapists may even help you to overcome these struggles.

By spending a lot of time with your children, you’ll show that you’d want to have them around most of the time. Skipping appointments may portray you as an uninterested parent. On the other hand, picking up your children on time from school, appointments, and custody sessions may show you’re reliable.

2. Ensure Your Kids Are Safe

You should always ensure that your kids are around responsible individuals. Before allowing them to mingle with your friends, you should vet them. That’s because some may be dangerous and have sexual-related offenses and felony or drug-dealing histories.

It would be best if you refrained from inviting new partners to stay or live with you after a divorce. That may make your children long for your divorced partner. Instead, you should stay for at least six months and introduce the children to your new partner before inviting them for sleepovers.

When your kids are in the car, ensure they wear their seatbelts. Also, you should ensure that you drive safely to prevent you from getting speeding tickets.

The Bottom Line

Securing your children’s custody requires humility and a lot of work. If you portray yourself as a responsible parent, chances are you’ll earn custodial rights. But if you’re reckless, you may lose your kids. You can check with law firms who are experts in family law, such as Prime Lawyers in order to know more.

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