My Latest Scratch and Dent Store Purchases- an Amazing Haul

 I was at the dentist the other day and while I was there decided to check out the nearby scratch and dent store, and came home with such a wonderful haul of cheap items. As usual, there were things that I needed to buy anyhow and I got them for a fraction of the price that they would be in a regular grocery store. Of course, I was excited and wanted to share what I bought with you. 

Here is what I bought and how much it cost.

First off, the thing that I really, actually, truly needed was cereal. While I buy cereal at the grocery store for as cheaply as I can buy it there, even the cheap stuff there is much more expensive than what I can buy at the scratch and dent store. And, fortunately, that is something I can almost regularly find there, and not just cheaply, but gluten free cereal super cheaply.
For comparison's sake, at the grocery store, the cheapest cereal I buy (that my kids will agree to eat) is $2.85 a box. Gluten free cereal at the grocery store is, at cheapest $4.57 a box. At the scratch and dent store they had gluten free honey nut cornflakes for $0.57 and gluten free chocolate cereal for $1.90 a box. I was shopping without a wagon so I bought as many as I could carry in bags (since they weren't heavy) so I bought 10 of the cornflakes and 3 of the chocolate.

Another thing I really needed was lemon juice- the last time I bought it wasn't even real lemon juice, just "lemon flavored sauce" or something like that, which was made with water and lemon concentrate or something like that. I mean it works but I'd rather the real thing, and I know the scratch and dent store usually has this cheaply, and I ran out of my scratch and dent supply in my stockpile, which is why I had to buy that subpar "lemon sauce" or whatnot. I wasn't let down- I bought 3 bottles for $1.90 a bottle, while the store bought real lemon juice is $2.85 a bottle.

Tuna is not so cheap locally, usually about $1.50 a can or more and once in a while on sale for $1.30. So when I saw the scratch and dent store had cans of tuna for $0.95 a can, I got all that they had (and accidentally knocked over some precariously shelved items next to it and needed to call a salesperson to help me- that was fun!).

Now that I got what I needed, the fun began.

Do your kids always say "Mommy, what can I eat?" when it isn't mealtime? I don't know about you but I hear that soooooo many times a day. So I decided to see what ready made foods that my kids would eat I could buy at the store cheaply, and fortunately they had some good stuff.

My kids love breadsticks. So when I saw them for $0.57 a box I grabbed a bunch. As a side note, when I went to the grocery store yesterday I saw them sell the same exact package, same brand, same size, same everything, for $1.45, and I felt even more proud of my purchase.

The scratch and dent store had packages of peach and pineapple fruit cups, packages of 4 for $0.95, which I knew my kids would love. Unfortunately, being without a wagon meant that I was limited in how much weight I could carry, and fruit cups were heavier, so I could only get a small amount, despite how cheap they were. They were a good choice and my kids devoured then when I got home. Next time I'm at the dentist (next week) I really hope they have more, because this time I'll bring a wagon and I'll buy a whole load of them.

They had packages of pearl couscous for $0.57 a package, when they usually are over twice that price, so I bought 5.

I don't eat eggs, and generally make my own mayonnaise from flax seeds. But sometimes I don't have the energy to make my own mayo, especially if I just need a little bit, so when I saw jars of vegan mayo and vegan spicy mayo for $1.40, I bought 6. (Sushi, here we come!)

And last but not least, they had gluten free lasagna noodles for $1.90 a package. Mind you, I don't think I ever bought gluten lasagna noodles but I just looked at the price for gluten lasagna noodles at an online circular and saw that they range in price from $2.15-$2.85, and gluten free lasagna noodles cost $5 a box. So, of course, I bought some. I just made some lasagna with it now and my kids devoured it, which means I'll definitely be looking for it again next time I'm in the area.

My kids are a big fan of surprise eggs. They always beg me to buy them but they are so ridiculously overpriced so it is a rare treat. They had packages of 3 surprise eggs for $0.95 a package so I bought 3.

I also bought some Aquafresh toothpaste for $1.40 a package. While this is somewhat cheaper than they generally are, I'm not sure it was super cheap, but that's ok because I needed to buy toothpaste anyhow.

And last but not least, they had some dish towels with empowering sayings on them, and I actually needed new towels, so this was perfect. They were $2.80 for a package of three, so I got three packages.

As an aside, I went to another scratch and dent store a few days later and saw gluten free "granola" bars being sold for $0.70 a package, so I bought 12 packages.

What do you say? A great haul or what? Have you gotten any great deals lately? What were they?

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  1. That's an amazing haul, especially the cereal. We haven't had any good deals lately, but sadly, we have a terrific frugal win. Yes, sadly. We have to re-plumb our house ourselves. Can't get a plumber; they're tied up with high-paying jobs for city people. Luckily my husband knows how (he just doesn't want to, and with just the two of us it'll take forever). So we're saving lots of money. Sigh.

  2. I bet your kids get excited every time you come home from one of your hauls. It's so nice that they can have treats and you can still stay within your budget.

  3. You always inspire me so much with your frugal haul posts!

  4. Precooked cereal with air in the box is expensive. Unprocessed grain for cooking should be more economical. There are a couple seeds without gluten: rice, millet and buckwheat. But of course it's problematic if the family is used to cereal.

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