My Recent Frugal Accomplishments

Heyyyy, remember these? My posts where I talk about what frugal things I've done recently? I don't think I've done one of them for over a year, but I'm not going to go look when the last time I did one was, or I'll be embarrassed. But its been far too long. Part of the reason for that is because I really have felt I've been slacking in the frugal department and didn't have anything worthy of sharing. But the other day as I was fixing Rose's bike I was thinking to myself "Hey, this is something frugal, I should make a list of the few frugal things I've done for the blog" and as I was writing the list it grew and grew and I realized that I just haven't been giving myself enough credit. So here are the frugal things I've done recently that I wanted to share with you.

Frugal Shopping

  • Went on Groupon to search for outdoor seating, only bought that and other stuff I'd anyhow intended on getting and were on my "to buy" list, and didn't get sucked into all the sales

  • Bought a giant bean bag, bench swing, and tablecloth on Groupon

  • Bought hammocks on price comparison website.

  • Bought gluten free granola bars, canned artichoke hearts, and canned hearts of palm from the scratch and dent store

  • Bought phone cases for myself and the kids from Aliexpress instead of for 10 times the price locally

  • Bought ballet shoes and card games from Amazon for a fraction of the local prices

  • Bought melatonin and vitamins from iHerb

  • Bought used books from BetterWorldBooks after price comparing each book with BookDepository

Gardening and Cooking

  • Made iced tea and lemonade from scratch

  • Made compote from apples and pears which were at the tail end of their life

  • Picked mint from my garden for salad and tea

  • Harvested first batch of loquats from my tree

  • Bought basil plants in the grocery store for cheaper than a package of fresh basil, planted it in my garden and now I can grow it and get even more for the same price


  • Replaced my daughter's broken training wheels

  • I used my app to pay for bus bus making it cheaper than any other way to pay

  • Am preparing the yard for our new pool with the kids, without paying anyone to help

  • Borrowed a book I wanted to read from the library as an ebook on my phone instead of buying it

Not bad for a list that I thought would have maybe 3 or 4 things in it max.

What frugal things have you gotten up to lately?

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  1. Tonight I'll have eaten a home cooked meal 4 nights in a row! LOL Not very frugal sounding to most, I'm sure, but my DH and I have gotten addicted to eating out. It started aa a way to support local restaurants through the pandemic, but it has gotten out of hand...

  2. I don't think you give yourself enough credit for most things. You are a loving, hardworking mom even when you are ill. Guilt should be banned from our allowed emotions. What good does it do?

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