Three Essential Things Parents Must Consider Before Buying Their Teenagers a Car

I don't own a car. And locally many people don't. Since cars are expensive to buy and maintain locally very few people actually buy cars for their teenagers. However, since that is a common occurrence in the US, here are some things you might want to consider before getting your teen a car, brought to you by a reader.

As soon as teenagers turn a certain age, most of them only have one request – getting their driver's learner's permit and going for a car drive. Depending on which state you live in, in Iowa, for instance, kids are allowed to have a learner's permit and drive cars in the presence of a parent or a guardian. In other words, kids from the age of fourteen are allowed to drive to and back from school in their cars and other places connected with school or work.

As a parent, it can be your living nightmare, not to mention the issues related to car insurance, which can be solved at As parents, the bottom line is that there are loads of things to handle when it comes to teenagers and vehicles. Read on to learn more about three essential things to consider before buying your teenagers a car.

Need a Car vs. Want a Car

This is the first and foremost question that needs to be addressed as a parent – you must determine what kind of vehicle your teenager needs. Take notes on how we said "need" and not "want". You need a car in a good position to take your teenager from one spot to another.

While buying your teenager their first vehicle, you need to comprehend that they haven't turned into fully grown-ups, responsible, and sensible adults yet. Their brain part, which is involved in mindful thinking and predictive decision-making, isn't fully developed yet.

In other words, the chances are high that they will wreck their car a couple of times before they turn eighteen. As parents, you must plan beforehand and plan accordingly. Avoid getting them a brand new BMW, and wait for them to learn, get into the driving spectrum, and become good and responsible before getting them a "higher-end" car.

Teach them Responsibility

As parents, it is recommended to mold your kid's mindset to understand they have to take care of their vehicle and treat it as their own. It has been observed that teenagers perceive a certain level of ownership for things they "pay" for. And we all know that ownership makes people act differently.

You can teach your kids to have some skin in the card game to understand how it feels to work for something they want to own. By making your teenagers understand the value of hard-earned money, they will take things more seriously as they will comprehend the sacrifices they make to get what they want. Handing out everything to your teenagers for free won't do them any good, and they won't fully understand the responsibilities that come with a car's ownership.

Calculate and Divide the Expenses

Don't be that kind of parent who keeps paying for all costs that are part of driving and maintaining a vehicle? We strongly advise you against it. Make your cards an essential part of gas expenses, insurance coverage, and other expenses, such as car repairs and maintenance.

Before you get them a car, be upfront with setting rules on who will be responsible for which payments so that unpleasant conversations can be avoided in the future. There are different sets of parents. For instance, we have the category of parents who pay for everything because it gives them the power to restrict the car's usage if their teenagers misbehave.

While the logic behind this is completely understandable, it is preferred to have a shared sense of ownership as it allows kids to learn more about responsibilities and consequences. They will also comprehend the importance of following rules, being mindful about their behavior, and driving decisions.

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