6 Strategies to Win More Without Wasting Too Much Money

 Gambling is a controversial topic, I know. But I maintain that as long as you don't have an addition, and view expenses on gambling the same as any other recreation/blow money and you budget it into your budget, it can fit into a frugal person's lifestyle. But if you are spending money, here are some ways from a reader as to how to make that money go further and maybe even make some money?

Slots have changed a lot in recent years. If you haven't been to a retail casino or visited an online casino website recently, you will be surprised to see just how sophisticated slots have gotten.

Of course, one thing about slots hasn't changed. It's still a challenge to win money when playing slots. Why? The house always has the advantage. In terms of online and live casino slots, the house's advantage could be upwards of 5%. With that kind of advantage, you, as a player, need to use certain strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Here are six strategies worthy of your consideration.

1. Size Up the Games

As you start your slot playing quest, you need to set a budget. Based on that budget, you can select the appropriate slots. The best slots are the ones with the highest Return to Player (RTP) percentage, biggest payouts, and most exciting bonus features. If you can find the right combination of these factors while falling within your budget, you will have found the right game. You may end up finding some 'fresh gold' if lucky when playing Gold Rally or slot games like it. You should check out at least a dozen slots before you make a decision.

2. Start Small and Build

A really good strategy is to start with slots that have a lower denomination requirement. After you hit a bit of a winning streak and build your bankroll up, you can graduate to slots that require higher denominations but also have bigger payouts. This would provide you with the perfect opportunity to increase your stakes while playing with the casino's money. Hint: Playing progressive slots with money already won makes for an exciting opportunity.

3. Look for Primed Machines

When playing slots in a retail casino, you will have an opportunity to observe what other players are doing. If you pay particular attention to a specific bank of machines, you might notice machines that don't seem to be paying out very well. For some slot players, this can be frustrating, causing them to seek refuge in other slots. For you, this could be an opportunity for a big win.

You see, the aforementioned RTP percentage is the amount of each dollar that a slot is designed to payout. Eventually, slots will payout to their prescribed percentage. What does that mean for you? There is a machine there that has been taking in money without paying out money. When it's time for it to pay out its RTP percentage, you want to be the recipient.

4. Not Losing is Winning

Sometimes, you might get the chance to play slots for a few hours and walk away even or a small loss. In some cases, that is considered winning. You see, playing exciting slots and having fun has value unto itself. As the saying goes, ” it's not whether you win or lose, it's how u play the game.” That might be stretching it when it comes to gambling, but having fun should always be your first objective if you are playing slots online or in a retail casino.

5. Check About Membership Options

If you're going to be spending money, at least get something back from it whether you win or lose. Check whether the place you are gambling has a membership option. If they do, when playing games you can accumulate points and get rewards, which is a win win situation for you.

6. Time Yourself

Even if you make sure that you are budgeting your money when playing these games, it is good to put a time limit on how much you are playing. Many websites have an option where you can set it to automatically log you out after a certain amount of time so you don't spend too much.

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