Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Kidiosity- A Fun and Helpful Tool for Parenting

I've been a mother for 13.5 years and I've often thought that parenting should come with a manual. Even though I feel pretty well educated and informed on how to be a good parent, sometimes things come up that really throw me in for a loop and I am floundering and wish I had some type of guide.

In addition to that, with our busy lives and all our stresses, it is important, still, that we make time for our children, to show them that we love them and care about them, that they matter to us, and that they are important parts of our lives. Some parents are chock full of ideas as to how to spend this time with their children, and others are too stressed out to come up with good ideas to do with their kids, and this is where Kidiosity comes in. 

Kidiosity, both a website and an iOS app, was developed by its creators as a way to solve a common problem in today's world- the disconnect between parents and children. Its goal is to help strengthen families and better prepare children for success in life. It does this via three different methods:

Fun Activities: 

Each week Kidiosity provides suggestions of new educational, intriguing, and entertaining activities for parents to do together with their children, with step by step instructions and other ways to make it easier and more user friendly. Each activity also includes talking points to show different learning opportunities which makes it more educational and engaging.

Meaningful Topics:

Sometimes it is hard to get to know your children and their thoughts and to share your own opinions on various things, because they don't always come up. Kidiosity has daily conversation starters that you can use with your children to get to know each other, sharing your wisdom and learning from your kids, things that can be done on the ride to school or around the dinner table or any other time that works. These may make the conversation flow better than just asking your kids "How was your day?"

The "Manual":

Kidiosity tries to help parents via helpful resources, an ad hoc parenting manual. It includes parenting tips, articles curated for you, interesting factoids and even some amusing anecdotes to help you be the best parent you can be.

Lastly, there is a Memory Book that comes along with it to help you and your family remember all these wonderful moments together.

As a frugal person, I wouldn't tell you to just spend money on something. That is why I'd want you to first see if it is a worthwhile investment for you and worth the money. Kidiosity has a free one month trial . And even once you decide to invest in it, it costs only $2 a month.

 Definitely worth a try! You and your kids will probably really enjoy it and the bond it helps you strengthen and the memories it helps you make.

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