Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Tracking your kids with a smartwatch - the future is here!

In some ways I am anti tech. Ok, not really, I just hate learning new tech. But I love the concept of smartphones. I love how it gives my kids independence, and my favorite feature of those is the GPS aspect, because I don't have to worry about where my kids are and them getting lost. GPS trackers for kids are wonderful inventions. Here is some more info from a reader on the topic.

When you don't know where your kid is, it's difficult not to be concerned. We'll show you how to locate them and save your sanity with the help of a GPS smartwatch for kids.

It just takes a few seconds for certain children to become distracted. If your kid vanishes from view, they'll normally reappear in a blink of an eye. Yet you can't help but be concerned.

Then, when they're old enough to walk home from school on their own but they're not really aware of the time, there's no reason to fret if they're a little late. After all, friends can be consuming. Strangers, on the other hand, can be too.

When you don't know where your kid is, it's difficult not to be concerned. However, there is now a remedy to this issue: smartwatches. What kinds of child trackers are there?

Trackers come in a variety of flavours, and it's hard to tell which is best. The decision is based on a number of considerations, including your child's age, independence, and possession of a smartphone, among others. After all, it's one thing to keep an eye on your toddler in the street, and it's quite another to keep an eye on a free-spirited adolescent.

Smartwatches, unlike key-ring trackers, are worn on a child's wrist and are much less likely to be removed than a backpack or sweater. They often have other applications, such as calls This increases the device's appeal to kids and young teens, which is a significant benefit.

As previously mentioned, smartwatch trackers have an SOS toggle, and certain versions include a built-in sensor that detects whether the child (or anyone else) tries to disconnect the smartwatch. Another big benefit of a watch over a phone is that even in busy conditions, your kid will not hear your call.

Children's smartwatches are made by a variety of brands and the major names do not yet control the market. As a result, the standard of devices and apps varies tremendously. Make sure to check any feedback before purchasing a device.

Some versions have issues with positioning accuracy, cellular signal failure, and other issues. And not all children's smartwatches are safe from cybercriminals. Anyone can access the child's location, movement records, and other personal data, as well as take over the parent's account and imitate them.

Remember that a product for a child's usage must be durable enough to endure more than just handwashing; it must also withstand physical play and a child's active lifestyle. If a model isn't shock-resistant or waterproof enough, it'll crack in no time — and most of these accessories aren't inexpensive.

Pros of smartwatches include: 
  • SOS button is always on your child
Cons of smartwatches: 
  • Some versions have bugs; the cost is relatively high.
Apps for smartwatches and smartphones

An app is the most cost-effective and easy monitoring tool until your kids are a little older and has a smartwatch and/or smartphone. Easy trackers with no extra features are available in most app stores and will work so long as the smartwatch has GPS.

For a more robust approach, consider a full-featured parental control programme, which solves multiple issues at once: Know where your child is at all times, keep an eye on their online safety, and restrict their device use.

Parental management applications are available for free or with a low-cost licence or subscription on Google Play and Apple's App Store. Obviously, the former is more cost-effective for the family, however, their functionality is minimal.

Pros of kid-tracking applications include: 
  • Low cost
  • Ability to be downloaded on any smartphone
  • Many helpful functions in addition to position tracking
Cons of kid monitoring apps:
  • They necessitate the use of a smartphone.
It's simple to keep track of your child's welfare

If you can see, avoiding unnecessary anxiety while your kid is out of reach is not difficult. With so many different location-tracking systems and applications to choose from, the most important thing is to make the best decision about your situation and to demonstrate to your kid that wearing a smartwatch would allow you to give them the independence they want.

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