6 Ideas To Create A Child’s Birthday Gift

When it's your kid's birthday, you can go to the store and buy them a nice gift, or you can make a gift personalized just for them, and often they are cheaper as well, but they can be very beloved gifts. Here are some ideas from a reader on DIY birthday gifts for children.

Birthdays are one of the most anticipated celebrations by children, next to Christmas. Especially if your kids know that their birthday is coming up, they get all excited about the cake that they’ll have, the colors of balloons that they get to play with, and the gifts or new toys that they’d love to unwrap. That’s why it’s a big deal for parents to plan a big birthday party for their children every year. Sometimes, some parents get too wrapped up in planning fancy birthday parties for their child that they almost overlooked their child’s gift. So, how about your child’s gift? Have you thought about it thoroughly?

If you’re thinking of giving your child new clothes, they may not like receiving them at all. After all, kids their age don’t care much about their clothes or their fashion. Their mind is still centered on playing games, collecting toys, or eating sweet treats. Thus, it’s best to focus your gift on something that’s still within their age’s interest.

To help you out, read on below for more ideas for kids gifts that they’ll definitely love:

Personalized Doll Clothes

Instead of gifting your little girl some clothes, why not give her clothes for her doll collection? If you have the skill or the sewing machine to sew tiny clothes for your child, utilize it to make a DIY birthday gift for your little daughter. Plus, you can also add her initials to the clothes, making them even more personalized.

Your child will indeed feel so euphoric about having more doll clothes to play dress-up with.

Customized Pillow

For some reason, most kids love the idea of having their own pillow without having to share it with anyone. Do you know what would make them love their pillows even more? When it’s customized.

Conveniently, customized pillows are very easy to create. You can buy a plain pillow, and decorate it with their favorite movie characters, fancy ribbons, laces, or simply embroid their name on it. Kids love seeing their names lettered on their favorite stuff. 

Make sure you also pick a pillow that’s cozy for them to sleep with and something that they’ll surely love snuggling it every night.

Animal Ear Headbands

Does your child have a favorite animal? You can make it an inspiration for your kid’s next birthday gift. For instance, if your child loves playing with cats, you can create a DIY Cat ears headband, and she won’t hesitate to use that for the kid’s Halloween party. 

They’re very easy to make, and you can create as many ear headbands as you want. This way, your kid will have many choices on which animal ear they’d like to wear for the day.

Drum Set

If your son’s childhood dream, for now, is to be a musician, perhaps a drummer, then why not give him something close to his heart? Real drum sets can be very costly, and they’re too young to even handle real instruments yet. Thus, you can give him a DIY drum set to play with instead. 

Some of the materials you’ll only need are tin cans, glue gun, leather laces, decorative fabric, cotton, large needles, and a ball and wooden dowel. You can create as many drums as you want to make a whole set. You can also paint the fabric with designs or his initials to make it look more fun and personalized.

DIY Child’s Apron

If your child loves to play cooking and kitchen roleplay with her cooking toys and playdough food, why not complete her kitchen set with her own customized apron? Your child will surely feel more in-the-role during her playtimes when she’s wearing an apron with her initials on it. 

Wearing an apron will also encourage her to be more creative in her play kitchen, and someday, she’ll head out in your real kitchen to watch you work. Who knows, maybe a simple kitchen roleplay can be your child’s dream career in the future.

Car Roads

Does your child like to play with his car toys? Why not complete it by creating DIY car roads. You can choose numerous materials to make the road, such as your old jeans, wood, or cardboard. You can even create a whole road map using any of these materials. 

You can either paint the roads yourself or have printable ones. Either way, you can create an entire city of roadmaps for your kid to play with.

Wrapping Up

When it comes to choosing ideas for your child’s birthday gift, being an ultimate DIY Parent can really help you. You may be loaded with a question about which is the best one to create. However, referring to the ideas above will help you make the best birthday gift for your child and ensure they’ll be delighted to have it.

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