Achieve All-Star Productivity at Work With These Tips

My long time colleague Nancy Evans sent me this post on increasing productivity and it hit me hard. I have a really hard time being productive- I'm always distracted by every little thing. Thanks ADHD! I'm hoping to use these tips to maybe be more productive. Hope they help you too.

Improving productivity at work not only helps us accomplish more during the day, but feels great inside and out. Getting a few brownie points with the boss never hurts and they certainly love employees who are on top of things. 

Knowing we're ahead of schedule and on target serves as motivation to keep on, keepin' on. Yet, many people find productivity at work a major challenge they'd like to improve. People who work at home find even more challenges with their daily productivity. However, achieving all-star productivity status at work requires few sacrifices, but instead, a commitment to change bad habits and pick up better ones along the way. Start your trek to all-star productivity with these tips.

Get It Over With

Each day, certain tasks are more dreaded than others. Start the day by completing those tasks first. You are most productive at the start of the workday. By getting the hard stuff out of the way early on, the afternoon is left to handle light work when your brain may not be at its peak performance.

CBD Energy Drinks

Now, you're probably thinking how great the tips here sound, but wonder how you can ever find focus, eliminate distractions, and actually improve work productivity? That's where a CBD energy drink comes into play.

The energy drinks work much like coffee, except they use natural ingredients like cannabinoids, vitamin B, and mushrooms to improve mental clarity, sharpness, and focus. Plus, CBD offers its users other exciting benefits without any undesired side effects.

Create a To-Do List

To-do lists are invaluable to productivity and for many, personal sanity. Without lists, many people find their days chaotic and they miss out on completing important tasks because they forget or simply run out of time during the day. Do not include yourself amongst those people. Create lists, prioritizing tasks so you can focus on what is important at the right moment. Checking off tasks once they're completed also leaves you feeling rewards, always a bonus for the feels -and productivity.

With this in mind, create to-do lists with clearly defined objectives and reasonable expectations. Do not set yourself up for failure by creating unrealistic expectations or by not well-defining your goals.

Eliminate Distractions

Designate a time in the morning and afternoon to check emails, answer phone calls, and tend to other small tasks. These tasks can take up considerable amounts of time and are big productivity busters.

Eliminate other distractions as well. While playing music while working is perfectly suitable, scrolling social media, watching TV (or TikTok videos), or texting your BFF is not okay.

Get More Sleep

The American Sleep Association reports that 65% of Americans do not get the recommended eight hours of sleep each night. Not getting proper rest affects us in many ways, from our mood to energy levels to our critical thinking skills. Aim to get more sleep and you'll get more done during the day.

Add those CBD shots to your daily regimen and sleep will come easily. Although the energy shots improve focus and sharpness during the day, the calming effects when it wears off is the perfect end to a long day.

And the Usual Stuff…

Being your best each day—whether work or beyond—also requires the usual stuff to be part of your agenda. You know, things like:

  • Eat a healthy diet. Remember, you are what you eat.

  • Drink plenty of water. The more water you drink, the better you feel. It is proven science.

  • Enjoy life outside of work. All work and no play is never fun and a good way to cause burnout. Enjoy an active life and enjoy it to the fullest .
Increasing productivity at work with the above tips may take a bit of time, but you'll be the all-star productivity pro you hope to be sooner than you realize.

What do you do to help you be more productive?

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