Monday, August 2, 2021

Heartwarming Ways To Make Your Presence Felt Without Breaking The Bank

18 months later and Corona is still kicking our butts. Some of us have gone so long without seeing loved ones and want to give them a long distance "hug". Here are some ideas from reader, John, on how you can do so without spending too much money.

If the last 18 months has taught us anything it is that we should do all that we can to stay close to friends and family, whenever we get the chance. Many of us have been unable to see our loved ones for a long time, and many still can’t foresee when they will be able to embrace each other as we once did. To those who are far removed from their loved ones, gifts which make their presence felt are a great way of staying close and showing that they care. Here are some ideas which you may consider, that will ensure that your friends and families feel your presence.

Plant Delivery

Flowers are a great way to show that you care, yet freshly cut flowers do have a short shelf life. The best option therefore is to visit shops like Shique Floral Design and invest in some beautiful plants which will brighten up the one of your loved one. Plants which flower are a great option here and you can deliver something which everyone will love. The beauty of having a plant is that it requires care, and each time that they must water it they will be thinking of you.

Photo Collage

Sending a photograph of you and your loved one doesn’t quite have a strong impact, but preparing a photo collage most certainly will. Invest in a high-quality frame and then have 2 or 3 images professionally placed together. This will serve as at the perfect way to make your presence felt until you are able to see each other once again. In a world where everything is digital many of us don’t put up photos anymore, as we can see them on our phones and devices. Sadly, however we often don’t look at those pictures, which is why a collage in a frame makes for the perfect idea.

Ordering Dinner

If you are looking for a great way to make your presence felt without breaking the bank, a simple dinner can be enough to show your love. Check out local restaurants in the area where your loved one lives and surprise them with a freshly prepared meal, just as they finish work. Naturally you will have to make sure that they are home, assuming they are, this is bound to put a big smile on their face.

Hobby Gift

And finally, a fun gift which won’t cost you an arm and a leg yet which will remind your loved one of your presence, a hobby game. This could be anything from juggling balls to a Spanish phrase book, anything which can encourage them to invest some time in learning something new. Each time they practice they will be thinking of you, and they will also have something to keep them occupied whilst they are stuck at home.

These are easy, low cost and brilliant options for you which will ensure that your friends and family still feel you there, even if you can’t actually be there.

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