3 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Driving

Driving can be useful but it can be risky as well. There are things you can do to mitigate the risk and there are things you can do to endanger yourself as well. Here are some important things to keep in mind so that you can drive safely and get home in one piece.

When it comes to how safe your car is, several variables come to mind. The number of airbags in your vehicle, what the body is made out of, and many others. These are all vehicle-related factors that can be crucial to saving lives. The vehicles of today have benefited from robotics and techniques such as plastic molding. They are built with durability and safety in mind. Many government laws forbid vehicles without safety features to be driven. That means all that is left now to worry about is the human factor.

There are a fair amount of statistics that show how much the human factor is involved. Small mistakes and routine habits cause significant accidents to occur. This makes driving without insurance that much more risky. A reliable part manufacturer is needed such as Sunway Motorbike parts China. There is however no second chance for your life. Fortunately, there are several things you should stop doing to give everyone a better chance. Changing human behaviors starts with changing your own first. Below are 8 things to avoid while driving.

1: Stop Using Your Phone

The most common cause of accidents and inconveniences is the use of your phone. Our brains are hardwired to shift our attention whenever we feel uneasy. Being stuck in traffic or on an empty road may make you feel just that. In situations like that, some people may consider it safe to use their phones. Getting away with it a few times is guaranteeing them that they will be safe the next time too. This is a false way of thinking and it is our brains tricking us.

Most accidents on busy intersections are caused because of people using their phones. They may have done so to reply to a message or while being on call. Others use their phone to control their vehicle to change the music. No matter the use, using your phone in rough situations is a recipe for disaster.

To mitigate this use, it is recommended to train your focus. A simple yet effective way to maintain focus is to force yourself for around 25 minutes. Science says focusing for 25 minutes and then rewarding yourself is training your mind. This helps you keep focus for longer periods without needing a distraction. No matter what, avoid using your phone at all costs or it may cost you your life.

2: Do Not Listen To Loud Music

Putting music on blast may be just what you need on a shady day or two. It is generally okay to do it in your car with friends too. Yet, putting loud music on all the time is a bad habit that may get you in trouble. Some accidents are caused because of the inability to hear other oncoming cars. These are silly mistakes but are very common in driving.

Putting music on maybe a way to cope with stress or to pass the time. There is no problem with this but the only issue is when it is too loud. This can hinder your and everyone else’s driving experience. There will be no way to listen to any car horns especially in heavy traffic situations. Imagine not hearing ambulance sirens behind you and not giving way. These are possibilities that are more common than we think.

It is important to realize there is a time and place for activities such as these. Multitasking is already hard and should be avoided while driving too. If you are listening to loud music then chances are you are also using your phone to change the music. Listening to loud music while doing something like gardening is more suitable and more fun. To learn more about gardening and how to maximize it, visit guyabouthome.

3: Do Not Drive Under Any Influence

One of the most common causes of accidents is driving under influence. Many deaths are caused because of this. People that are avid drinkers usually have it as a bad habit and cannot stop. This may cause them to even drink while driving. Similarly, some medications can also disorient you. The same ideology that doing it successfully once makes it safe forever is used here.

The problems that this may cause are plenty. It is important to realize that you are putting yourself and others at risk. Being disoriented can make driving a chore and confuse you. The worst part is that you won’t even realize what is happening before it’s too late.

To diminish this, limit yourself to only indulging in those activities at a specific time. It is also recommended to indulge in these activities while being with someone. That way you do not do too much and always have a friend. Having a sober friend can be a lifesaver.


There are several things that you should not take part in while driving. The above three are the biggest culprits behind accidents statistically. It is important to remind yourself now and then to be a better person. Sometimes accidents occur without it being your fault at all. With the above tips, your chances will be significantly better.

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