5 Practical Giveaway Ideas For Your Next Baby Shower

When people are making a party, often they like to have party favors to bring home. When making a baby shower, here are some good ideas to give out, many of them frugal and/or can be made at home. 

Being pregnant is a marvelous thing. It would make the event even worth a thousand pennies if you and your partner have been trying to conceive for years. With that, having a baby shower is a wonderful event wherein you celebrate your pregnancy with people who are close to you.

There are plenty of things that you should look after as you plan for your baby shower. Apart from the activities and menu planning, you shouldn’t forget to provide your guests with something they could take home. This will serve as your gesture for appreciating their presence and celebrating the wonderful journey with you.

To help you out, listed below are practical giveaway ideas for your next baby shower:

Custom Pillows

Everyone uses a pillow in their home. Either they put on them on their sofa or their bed, it’ll absolutely make every sitting or sleeping position comfortable. With that, giving a pillow to your guests would be a great idea.

However, if you’re afraid it might be too plain or doesn’t give a baby shower mood, you should consider having a customized pillow. With a custom pillow, you can turn an ordinary pillow into something extraordinary. You can choose to add a baby shower design, making it look appropriate for the event.

Ideally, you should look for a company that can provide you quality prints and pillow fills to ensure that your guests will use them as they bring them home. For more information, read this article from Printful.


One of the easiest and almost fool-proof giveaways that you could give out for your baby shower are cupcakes, which your guests can eat or take home with them. By giving cupcakes, you’re giving your guests something edible, which they could enjoy munching on for the rest of the day. Along with this, you can play with the icing decorations to give it a baby shower vibe.

When choosing cupcakes as your gift, ensure that none of your friends are allergic to gluten or any flavors that you’d like to have. For a safe option, you can choose to have a banana, vanilla, chocolate, carrot, carob, or red velvet. You just need to ensure that you pack them well individually for easy transportation.

Scented Candles

If you’d like to leave your guests with a relaxing note, you should consider giving them a scented candle. With this, they can choose to light up the candle before they go to sleep, take a relaxing bath, or keep them nearby while reading their favorite book. In this case, you should pick a scent that promotes maximum relaxation, such as lavender, bamboo, and rosemary.

To make your scented candle appropriate for a baby shower, you could add a custom label that emphasizes what a baby wants, such as the ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ or any other popular baby theme. You can choose to wrap them with a burlap string or ribbon for a gifting touch.

Mini Champagne

The celebration shouldn’t stop just because the party is over. To give your guests something to celebrate with, providing mini champagne bottles would help keep the party going, even when they’re back at home. While having a whole bottle is great, they can be expensive, especially if you’re expecting many guests. With a mini bottle, however, you can ensure that there’ll be a bottle for everyone.

As you give out mini champagne bottles, try to attach a note about thanking them for coming to the party and you’d like for them to continue their celebration as they go home. It’ll be a perfect unique gift that your guests would enjoy.

Small Indoor Plant

While you’re growing a new life inside you, it would be great if you could give your guests the chance to grow something on their own. With a small indoor plant, you can allow your guests to grow their own plant without worrying too much about the responsibility that comes with it. In this way, they can add life inside their home, improving their mood and even the room’s air quality.

When giving a small indoor plant, try to look for ones that only require minimum to no sunlight at all. This is because not everyone lives in a home where they could place their plants to receive maximum sunlight. With low-maintenance plants, all they could worry about is watering them regularly and keeping the area clean.

You could even add pebbles on top of the soil to keep them from getting messy as they bring their home. Doing so will also the plant’s moisture retention.


Hosting a baby shower will always be a fun activity. Apart from being with your family and friends to celebrate your new journey, you’ll also be receiving plenty of gifts that’ll help you prepare for your baby’s arrival. During this period, enjoy every single day as you’re going to miss being pregnant even if your happiness is indescribable after giving birth.

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