How to Decorate a Party for the Smallest: Preschoolers Birthday Celebration Ideas

I always have fun making birthday parties for my kids. I usually try to do it on a budget and simply, but that doesn't mean those aren't fun. Kids, especially at a young age, are quite easy to please, especially when you use a little imagination and go with what they are interested in. Here are some ideas from a reader on making your kids' birthday parties a blast.

Preschoolers parties are a lot of fun…for kids. But what about their parents? Decoration seems like an important step in every party, and it can transform a wonderful party to absolutely stupendous. How do you throw an amazing preschooler party for your child and their friends without having to rent a venue? Here are some celebration ideas for you!

Step 1: Balloons. Lots of balloons

Colorful balloons instantly create a birthday atmosphere, even if you are on a budget. What naturally differs a plain room from a party room? Balloons and party cups, but the latter is too early for preschoolers. The best part about squishy inflated decorations is that you can pick any theme. For example, if your child likes cartoons and kids' shows, there is nothing easier than purchasing their favorite-themed pack of balloons and throwing them around the house. Check it out, they even make balloons with Teletubies now:

Even if you are short on time, decorating a room with balloons takes minutes if you use a pump so that you don't have to blow them up with your mouth and tire yourself out. Balloons instantly creates a drastic change.

Step 2: A Themed Party

Themed parties are an instant hit among many generations. Make sure you know what is your kid’s favorite TV show or fairy tale, and try to emulate that by using decorations of a similar color scheme. For example, if your child loves to play Minecraft, you can buy or make those hyped-up pixel swords, and even caps or helmets for kids. If your child loves to play pirates, you can raid your stuffed animal stash and use stuffed parrots, draw palm trees on paper, and you can even create small treasure chests out of things around the house and fill it with chocolate coins and candy gems. Top it off with some pirate costumes, eye patches, pirate hats, and toy swords, and you are good to go.

Step 3: Miscellaneous

Anything can work if you put your mind to it. You don’t need to purchase too many items to create a beautiful atmosphere. Blankets and throws can become a hut, stuffed animals can become imaginary guests at the birthday party, and you as parents can turn into mystical creatures and show hosts with a help of some makeup and Halloween costumes you have left from previous years.

Step 4: It’s All About The Lighting

Lighting can create a drastic difference during the decoration process. If you purchase stick-on string lights and have all the walls shining, it will fascinate the kids and lighten up the mood. Make sure you opt for non-inflatable safe choices. Additionally, you can purchase a light projector that plays songs and changes colors. Anything colorful, but not too bright would do.

Step 5: Stick To Paper Plates

Kids eat messily and quickly excuse themselves from the table, so don’t spend too much time thinking about cutlery matching the tableware. Select a bright and cheerful tablecloth and pair it with themed napkins. These come in all forms and colors as well. Choose fun cups and plates kids can take anywhere while still playing. Opt for something lightweight and easy to clean. They sell these really cheaply online

Step 6: Make A Fun Cake

Everyone loves a themed cake. Bake or order a bright and colorful cake with lots of sprinkles on top. It doesn’t need to have many layers, just make sure it has a distinctive shape and appealing colors for children. The younger the child, the less impressive the cake has to be- even if you aren't a cake making pro, as long as its a fun color young children will generally be impressed anyhow.

Step 7: Gift Hunt

Kids adore sneaking around looking for gifts. Why don’t you incorporate this idea by hiding sweets or small presents around the house and turning them in a scavenger hunt? Children would adore looking for gifts and following the clues.

Hopefully, you found these ideas helpful! Good luck with the best birthday party in the world!

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