How to Make Your Kids More Creative With Technology

Many people have this idea that kids using technology is the antithesis of creativity. But I've seen with my kids, especially my oldest, just how much technology can assist your kids in their creative endeavors. Here are some suggestions from a reader as to how it can.

We live in an age where technological advancements are inevitable, and we, as consumers of that technology, are expected to adapt. Technology is both a gift and a curse, especially for children. When used correctly, it can turn them into talented creators rather than blind consumers. Providing your kids with the right tools is extremely important as it helps empower them to explore new areas and take new risks. Children these days are doing all sorts of amazing stuff, from dominating on YouTube to creating digital art. Your child might just be as creative and looking for the right ways to express that passion and interest. As a parent, it is your job to provide them with the appropriate method and method so they can get creative with technology. If you are unsure of where to start, don't worry, as we are here to help.

For the Child with Artistic Abilities

When your child is naturally artistic, you won't have to break an arm and a leg to get them to draw or paint. But as time goes by, they would want to broaden their horizons. For instance, if they're into coloring, look for online coloring games and let them have a go at it. You can also introduce them to famous painters through informative videos, pictures, and biographies.

Similarly, if your child enjoys drawing their favorite cartoon characters, consider giving them a digital drawing pad. Tablets are excellent for drawing and coloring as they offer a big enough screen and typically come with features to create digital art. There are also tons of art apps that you can download on which your child can experiment and then pick their favorite.

For the Child Who Wants to Influence

The YouTube community is expanding at the speed of light. With new channels and influencers popping up daily, your child might feel like making their own contribution to the platform. From gaming to reviewing products to simply talking about a topic one is passionate about, YouTube has a place for everyone. Plus, if your kid manages to gain exposure online, that could be the start of their money-making journey. Teach your kid about the responsible way of posting content online and monitor their activity. If they are old enough, you can start introducing them to the concept of monetization and YouTube algorithms. Whatever skill or topic your child wants to share, all they will need is a decent camera and light editing.


For the Child Who Likes to Create Music

Kids love music, and if your child has a knack for it, then help them create it with technology. GarageBand, Tuner Tabs, and Mussila are some of the apps that will get their creative juices flowing. With the help of educational videos online combined with these applications, children can learn to compose, practice, and stay motivated.

YouTube is also a great platform to learn A to Z music lessons and has many amazing vocal techniques that your child can easily follow along. There are also apps made for tuning voice and instruments that can be excellent for your child to get a head start.

For the Child Who Wants to Make Movies

Leave your kids with Windows Movie Maker for a little while and see what they can create. They can add their own effects, explore different styles of editing and template. The application is ideal for those children who love to create their own short video clips or transform other videos by playing around with them. It is user-friendly, so your child can navigate through different options and see the fruits of their hard work rather quickly. Introducing your child to similar tools will help them learn things quicker without losing motivation. As another option, Movavi is an excellent video editing tool that is user-friendly and easy for kids to navigate through.

Plus, you will not have to take time out of your day to help them get the basics right.

For the Child Who Is Not Necessarily Artistically Creative

Let's be honest; not all kids are artistically gifted or driven. Your child might be great at academics and sports but might not have other interests like making music or creating art. Don't lose hope, as this does not mean they are not creative. Children acquire new interests and passions as they grow, and there's creativity to be found in all of them. While you help your child explore their creative side, you can still take the help of technology. Maybe you can start by increasing their general knowledge related to topics they enjoy, such as certain foods or cities. Check out this blog post here regarding the best educational websites for children. You can use these websites along with others to teach them new things then reinforce that by giving them goals. For instance, know 10 facts about oceans by next week, etc. If your child is not artistically creative, you can still make them knowledgeable and aware of their surroundings. Kindle is a great tool to instill the habit of reading, and audiobooks on Audible are ideal for honing their listening skills.

The internet is also full of brain-stimulating games and exercises that you give to your child. Puzzles, riddles, online chess, and scavenger hunts are all ideas to help sharpen your little one's intellect and make them more creative.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about technology is that it allows our children to make mistakes that are easier to deal with. There are hundreds of creative activities for kids available that are easy to understand and fun to learn. But while you open the doors of technology to your kids, make sure you are monitoring their activity and interactions. It is easy for children to overlook red flags on the internet, especially, which is why it is integral for you as a parent to protect them. Here is our complete guide on how to keep your child safe online. Once you are taking the necessary steps, you can start providing them with all the right tools. Creativity is powerful, and when backed by technology, it can create wonders.

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