Top 3 Finest French Cheeses in the World

I love cheese. Cheeses are some of my favorite foods in the world, and when someone asked if they could share a post about cheeses here, I was thrilled by it, and then I saw that they were writing about my three favorite cheeses and it was awesome! These cheeses not only taste wonderful, they also, being moldy cheeses, have their sugars and other things broken down via the cheese making process, making them much easier on the stomach than standard cheeses. 

France is the land of cheese. If you are one of those people who think mozzarella pizzas are heavenly, then trust us, you haven't actually seen what heaven really looks like. There are around eight categories of cheese in France, and there are approximately fifty six out of a total of thousand cheeses which are protected by the French government under its Food Laws. In this article, we will be talking about the top 3 cheeses orignating in France.

1. Camembert

Camembert is one of the first cheeses that is associated with France. This cheese is produced in the northwest tip of the country, in the city of Normandy. The great climate of the city, with its rainfall, gentle sunlight, and humidity which leads to the production of grass on which cows from Normandy graze. The milk produced from these cows is the foundation, or base product, that is used in producing butter, cream, and the famous cheese, Camembert. The easiest way to identify the Camembert is by its amazing taste, the fresh aroma, shape, and most importantly, its texture. Always remember that the rind of the cheese should be covered in white mold, and shape must always be intact. The inside of the cheese must be very creamy, and can be pressed gently with the fingers. Taste of the cheese can be salty, and the aroma can be a bit moldy. Camembert can be found easily in most grocery stores.

2. Brie de Meaux

To the east of Paris is the region of Brie, which is long known for its tradition of cheese making. The most important thing that gave rise to cheesemaking in Brie was its closeness in geographic region to Paris, which made shipping of these cheeses to a very large market, at a very economical price. Around 50% of the cheese is ripened once it is ready. This cheese has a very mild aroma - and is covered in white velvet mold.
3. Roquefort

Roquefort is a kind of cheese which can only be ripe in the caves of the not so famous, Mont Camblou. The most important thing to remember about Roquefort is that it is one of the three top Bl cheeses of the world. Blue cheeses are considered to be the most flavourful cheeses, and melts easily in the mouth of the person giving him the taste of heaven.


If you are craving for these cheeses, and come across any of them in the store, do purchase them as you are going to feel the taste of heaven truly by having these. Also, do not worry as to how you will be using these cheeses to make food. Here is the link you could use to create your wonderful dish with these.

Are you a cheese fan? What is your favorite type of cheese?

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