How To Choose A Bathroom Sink

When we were deciding on how to design our kitchen in our new house, one of the things we decided right away is to not have a porcelain sink. We had had porcelain before and hated it, and knew we wanted to go with stainless steel, but originally we had also considered stone. However, in our bathroom, we went with porcelain. If you are looking into designing your home, either for a new home or if you are doing a renovation, here are some different types of sink options to help you figure out what type would work best for you.  

Sink considers special attention when thinking of the design of the bathroom. Each of us comes to it several times a day: to wash our face and hands, to brush our teeth. Of course, everyone wants the washbasin to be beautiful and comfortable, and also to effectively complement the design of the bathroom. What to know before buying a sink? There are several criteria that you should definitely pay attention to. Let's take a closer look.


There are several variants for installing the sink, namely:

Wall Mounted

They are screwed to the wall and connected directly to the water supply. Most part of the floor is open, which visually expands the bathroom space and simplifies the cleaning process. Such sinks always look very laconic and minimalist. It is also the most common choice for commercial bathroom sinks.


Such a sink is not completely installed in the hole of the countertop - only the lower part of the washbasin is put into it, and the upper part rests on the countertop, preventing the sink from falling down. It is easy to install and it is available in many colors and shapes.


This is considered the classic of all sink installation options. As a rule, the base of the sink is made of the same material as the sink itself. These sinks fit almost all interiors and are available in many colors and shapes, but they do not offer storage space for various items and objects.


Such a sink is out of sight because it is installed below the cutout in the cabinet or vanity top. From the pros - this sink increases the counter space.


Without a doubt, such sinks are the most stylish and fashionable solution and they can become the main accents of your bathroom. Depending on the interior of the room, choose either the classic white color, or any bright colors and unusual shapes. AquaticaUSA offers a wide selection of vessel sinks to all tastes and preferences (

Vanity Sink

The base and the walls of the sink are one solid piece and are the top of the cabinet. These washbasins are very easy to clean, easy to install and they fit almost all colors and designs of the bathroom.


The material of the sink is important not only as part of the decor, but also in terms of convenience and durability. The most common options are:

Cast Iron

This material is known for its toughness and is the most commonly chosen one. Such sinks are available in several colors and shapes.


These washbasins look very elegant and they are easy to care for. The material is strong enough, and if you do not hit it very hard, then it will serve quite a long time.


Glass sinks are also wide-used in recent years. They are beautiful, stylish, and you can choose from a lot of shapes and colors (from classic oval and round to original shapes - a flower, a shell, etc.). These washbasins offer you unlimited possibilities for your bathroom interior. However, they require special care – they need to be wiped off after each use.


Copper, brass and stainless steel are also used to make sinks. The thicker the metal is, the less likely it is to dent.


Stone sinks also have different colors and shapes. If the surface is polished, it will change its color less over time and will be less capricious in care.

Of course, another factor to consider would be cost, as these are all differently priced, but when deciding how much to pay for your sink, you want to also keep in mind how long they will last and what will appeal to your aesthetic for the longest time so you won't feel the desire to change things.

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