Where to Splurge and How to Save When the New Baby Arrives

When people have a new baby, it can be extremely tempting to go all out and buy all the cutest things for your kids and everything you may think you need, but in fact, babies don't actually need that much at first. There are definitely things you need for your baby and shouldn't skimp there, but there are so many other things marketed to new parents that your baby can do without. Here is a breakdown of those by a reader.

Children are expensive, but you might not be aware of where to splurge and how to save when your new baby arrives. Below, we go beyond the diapers and wet wipes to showcase how you can prioritize what matters most and better prepare for the impending arrival:

Baby items worth splurging on

Overspending on a newborn, especially your first child, is a mistake that every new parent has made. However, certain items are well worth the initial investment, even if you are only planning a smaller family. If you have been saving for your new addition, then be sure to prioritize your spend on the following:
  • Diono car seat
  • Cleaning service
  • Crib mattress
  • Nursing pillow
  • Electric breast pump
  • College savings account
  • Health insurance
  • A car that is safe, reliable, and easy to get your baby in and out of
Many baby sites also recommend splurging on a new stroller, but this is an entirely personal choice. We recommend first seeing if you prefer the convenience of a sling, baby carrier or wrap for getting around town.

Baby items worth saving on

Luxury interior designers are making a fortune devising nurseries fit for the pages of any parenting magazine, but in reality, your child won’t notice. Your baby wants your love and attention, not color-matched soft furnishings. Check out what to save money on by scouting for second-hand:
  • Nursery furniture – crib and changing table
  • High chair
  • Bassinet
  • Baby monitor
  • Activity play mat
  • Clothing
  • Plastic toys
How to save money when the new baby arrives

Buying second-hand baby items and relying on hand-me-downs isn’t the only way to save money when the new baby arrives. Here are some of our other top suggestions:


It’s surprising how short the time frame is that you will likely use an essential baby kit like an electric rocker or Bumbo seat. Instead of spending on items you might not find helpful, consider borrowing from a friend, neighbor, or new-found internet acquaintance from a mother’s group. What goes around comes around, so we are sure you’ll return the favor to another parent in need in due time.

Companies continuously offer free samples for diapers, wet wipes, baby food, and other essentials. Even if you don’t think it will be useful, sign up for them all. You can always give them a way to a shelter or food bank where these items are always needed.

Toy Library

Cities all over America are discovering the usefulness of toy libraries. We are confident that your child will love being privy to a conveyor of new toys to suit their current stage of development, and you’ll enjoy bumping into other new parents.

Meal Train

As a new parent, convenience often prioritizes price. Nudge a friend or family member to start a meal train or Care Calendar. Your freezer will be filled with healthy ready-made meals in no time, and all they want in return are some baby cuddles or photos.

From the moment you first saw your baby’s image on an ultrasound or heard their little heartbeat, you likely started to think about what baby products you will need to get. By using some of the above tips, we are confident that you’ll be better prepared.

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