5 Steps to Planning and Recovering From a Splurge

Even when you're on a tighter budget, you need to allow yourself some little or occasional splurges (like I did for my birthday), because without these splurges you're going to start feeling burnt out and not be able to keep at your frugal lives. For some ideas about how to work a splurge into your budget, read on.

So many times, you forgo what you really want to keep spending to a minimum. 

This week, you’ve got a little extra money in your pocket. Time to do something you almost never do- have a treat. Maybe you want to add some zest to dinner tonight.  

Everyone needs a splurge sometimes. Your happiness matters, and it’s demoralizing to never have anything special. This treat can boost the energy you need to tackle your daily life. 

However, you need to plan this out meticulously, and today we're going to show you how.   

1. Figure Out the Big Splurge Item

A big purchase needs to be centered around one thing. This will keep you from going overboard. For example, tonight you're going to have fresh Maine lobster shipped straight to your door

Since you're going to make this purchase, you stick to water as a beverage. The side dishes are some canned goods. Throw a spice of two on them to make them more elegant if you want. 

2. Have a Strict Maximum Expense

This is a special night and you want to create an atmosphere. You think "What if I just got this one more thing?"— and that's how easy it is to overspend. 

You can avoid this by deciding the budget in advance. Write the number down, and make sure everyone abides by it. You want to have some fun, but it cannot come at the cost of your bills being paid. 

For this reason, the maximum amount should not be the extent of your budget. Leave some in the reserves in case of an emergency. 

3. Saving Afterwards

The downside to a treat is that it's once in a while and costly. 

A hefty purchase like this is going to force you to tighten the belt, both before and after. You're going to eat really well tonight, but then you have to be frugal. 

Figure out what you can live without. See if you have any subscriptions or other expenses that are unnecessary, and cut them. When you're at the store, make every item pass-through this question before it gets into your basket- “Do we really need this?” If you don't, put it back. 

4. Make Sure No Other Big Expense is Coming

You can't predict every expense that comes up, but take every caution you can. 

Check through all of your household appliances. If the refrigerator is acting strange, the dinner needs to be postponed. 

Go through all of your household appliances to see if they're running well. Take a look at your car and make sure it's not making any strange noises. 

If there are no issues and no other pending bills, go for it! 

5. Discover Inexpensive Ways to Be Fancy

You've already started this by cooking your fancy dinner instead of going out to eat. This will shave the bill down immensely. 

Talk it up to your family. “This is our special night.” A huge part of a fancy evening is psychological. 

Perhaps you dress up the table by gathering some flowers and putting them in a glass. A little touch here or there makes all of the difference. Free DIY crafts are your friends here. Go online for inspiration. Think of this as a time to tap into your creativity!

You Can Be In Style On a Budget 

Money is tight right now, and that needs to be respected. However, that doesn't mean you have to be held back from all of the joys of life.  They need to be carefully planned, but you can have special family moments too. Now it's time to go out and create one. 

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