My Recent Scratch and Dent Store Shopping Trip

Yesterday I was in a part of the city where I don't usually go, and knowing that there is a scratch and dent store I debated bringing my collapsable wagon with me, so that I'd be able to carry shopping back. However, I was heading to a meeting and felt weird about bringing the wagon with me, and so just brought a backpack.

Since I only had that, when I was at the scratch and dent store, I decided to look for the most worthwhile things, things that I didn't already have at home, even if they were good prices, or things that I absolutely needed.

Rice was one of those things. In my family, we are big rice eaters and we have preferences with rice. My daughter Anneleise likes any and all rice, but my preference is basmati rice and my other kids prefer short grain rice, so I try to have both of them on hand in my house. I try buying them on sale or in bulk whenever possible to keep down the price. Last time I bought "basmati rice" in a 5 kilogram package, it was definitely something other than basmati and I didn't enjoy it (consequently turning it into rice flour) so seeing a 5 kilogram back of actual basmati rice from a company I'd used before at the scratch and dent store, I knew I'd be putting that in my backpack and taking it home with me, no need for a wagon. This was 40% cheaper than the cheapest basmati rice I can buy locally.

I was debating what else, of what they had there, was worth carrying back with me, and decided to leave the gluten free pasta behind since I already had some at home and the prices weren't worth the effort, but I saw they had canned lychees and hearts of palm, which my family loves, and we were currently out of. This store carries them for roughly 50% the price it is found in regular stores. But since I only had my backpack, I purchased only 9 cans total.

Last but not least, they had dried figs. I never buy dried figs. Even though they're yummy they just always seem like an "extra" and not worth spending a lot of money on. But they were selling organic dried figs for $1.40 which is a good 1/3 of the price that they generally are, so I bought a few for snacking on.

For not having a wagon and just having a backpack, I'd say this was a good shopping trip.

And you can be proud of me for knowing my limits and not trying to take more than this and hurting my back...

And then when I got home, I saw that they were giving out boxes of nearly expiring Beyond Burgers, so I got some of those and stuck a few in the photograph to show y'all.

Have you gotten any great deals lately? What was it? 

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  1. Thanks for another great post. With the prices of food going up here in the USA, I've decided to shop from my pantry more and see how long this "inflation" last. So I am saving a ton in shopping because I stockpiled so much beans, grains, rice and pasta to last about a year. Going to focus on a more plant based diet this year. Wish me luck.

  2. I think this was a great shop. And very happy to see you didn't strain your back either.

  3. Congratulations for the bargains and for exercising restraint I am sure your back is grateful!

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