Monday, April 25, 2022

5 Health Benefits of Eating Lobster

Frugality is important, living within your budget is important, but including the occasional luxury into your budget is also important. If you decide that lobster is that splurge that you want, here are some health benefits of that seafood.

When you hear about lobster, there's one thing you're probably thinking about — the price. And yes, lobster tends to be one of the highest-priced items on any menu you can get. 

But there's some good news. For one, lobster is extremely simple to prepare as boiling is one of the most delicious ways to enjoy the flavors. This means you can pay the grocery store price and have an unforgettable dinner without paying restaurant prices. 

The second is that when you do splurge on lobster, you're not only getting heaven in your mouth, but it's also incredibly healthy for you. It often gets a bad rep for raising cholesterol levels, but it's full of vitamins and protein. The unhealthy reputation it receives is actually due to the way it's sometimes prepped and served.

Want an excuse to eat more lobster? Here are 5 health benefits you'll wish you'd known sooner. 

1. Protein Galore

Protein is essential for the human body. It helps the body repair cells and make new ones, and it is integral for growth and development. People usually opt for protein in meats like chicken and beef, but lobster is a major player when it comes to storing these nutrients. In fact, lobster has much lower levels of saturated fat while still being high in protein, which makes it an ideal protein source. 

When you buy lobster tails online, you only need 3oz of this beloved seafood to provide your body with over 30% of the recommended daily value. So perhaps it's time to start shopping for that Maine lobster. 

2. Good For The Thyroid

Lobster contains selenium, which helps protect against cell infections and damage. It also helps the metabolism and reproduction of thyroid hormones. Therefore, you can achieve a healthy thyroid by eating more of this type of seafood. 

The selenium in lobster acts as an antioxidant. This then helps the thyroid absorb the amount it needs to work effectively and efficiently while keeping the bad cells away.

3. Ease Anemia Symptoms

If you're anemic, you don't have enough iron levels in your blood. This can cause you to experience severe fatigue and weakness and suffer from a rapid heartbeat and shortness of breath. 

Lobster contains copper, which has been used to help cure anemia or alleviate some of the symptoms, therefore improving iron levels. 

4. Give You An Energy Boost

Even if you don't suffer from anemia, the extra protein and vitamins found in lobster can create an energy boost in the body. Providing you with enough energy to happily get through the day, eating lobster at least once a week can help maintain these energy levels. 

5. Help With Weight Loss

If you do want to lose some weight, but you still want to enjoy the pleasures of tasty meals, lobster is a great food choice. It doesn't contain half as many calories as other meats, and the taste is never compromised. When you eat this seafood, you'll consume a smaller amount of calories, and you'll also get omega-3 fatty acids, which is an excellent combination for aiding weight loss.

Switching from heavy meats to fish in general while adding a healthy amount of exercise to your routine can help you lose weight in the safest way possible.

Get Your Recipe Book Out!

Now you know the immense health benefits of lobster, you won't have to feel as guilty about the price tag! While we're not saying that you should eat half a lobster every day, cooking a healthy amount a few times a month will enable you to treat your taste buds and your health. 

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your recipe book and cook up something delicious!

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