My Latest Extremely Frugal Buys

When my kids saw me putting these stuff on the counter to take a picture, they pointed out that if I just posted these things with no caveat, you'd think I only ever bought frugal things, But that isn't the truth, so for the sake of honesty, this picture is things I've chosen to share because they were the frugal parts of my shop that day, I bought other expensive things, but these deals excited me, hence sharing these.

I needed to buy cheese but the store that I went to wasn't the one with the cheap cheese from the cheese counter, so I looked for the cheaper cheese that I usually buy there by the kilogram, but they didn't have it in stock. I tried to see if I could find any other cheaper cheeses because I didn't want to pay full price for the more expensive cheeses. And then I saw this shredded cheese for cheaper than the cheapest cheese at the cheese counter. I don't remember exactly how much it was, but I think it was something like $3.25 a pound when it's usually no cheaper than $5.20 a pound.

Then there were the dates. We love dates at home, best treat (and you should try them frozen, even more amazing), and they usually go for $2.59 a pound but I got two boxes at $1.55 a pound. Those were just at the regular grocery store. Then I went to the scratch and dent store, knowing in advance what I'd be buying.

A friend recently passed the store and saw that they were selling Ortega taco shells at a ridiculously cheap price. Locally they go for around $7 per pound, but they were selling these for $1.42 each! It was such an amazing price that I would have bought even more but I didn't have a wagon with me and was heading first to get my son's cast off and then to my friend's engagement party so I didn't want to be carrying ridiculous amounts of things with me.

Then there was the popcorn. Ok, I like popcorn, but I don't generally buy it because I can make my own easily at home with my air popper, but this wasn't regular popcorn. It was peanut butter chocolate popcorn and it was delicious. And they were selling them for 57 cents each. It was really sucky that I didn't have the ability to buy more and bring them with me, because of how amazing of a price it was. I ended up buying 10 packages but hopefully, next time I go to the store I'll be able to find them again and take advantage of the sale, this time with a wagon that I can bring all the goodies home in.

What frugal things have you purchased lately? Any especially good deals?

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  1. Thanks for the post. No special deals lately for me. Still mostly shopping my pantry and freezer.

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