My Much Needed Getaway, a Coronacation

As I wrote last week, I desperately needed a vacation because of being so burnt out, having been "on" for far too long. I looked for a place that would be enjoyable to just chill, hang out, and veg out in quiet for a few days. My goal was to stay at a home that had good amenities, the actual city or town it was in was by far not the important thing for me. I just so happened to have found a great Airbnb in a city that is a resort town, where people go scuba diving and snorkeling, and I said great, I'll go there- the accommodations are the main thing and the location is just an added bonus, maybe I'd do some snorkeling (I bought myself a snorkel and flippers about 3 years ago), but who knows.

Of course, as luck would have it, my daughter Anneliese came down with corona last week. I tested everyone in the family and the rest of us were negative. Two days later I started to feel sick, really bad sinus headache, muscle aches (but muscle aches are pretty normal for me), post nasal drip, a slight cough, aand exhaustion. I was sure I had corona too, but I took test after test (a few a day even) and they all came back negative, so I figured it must have been a sinus infection.

I came to this city, popped to the beach for a little bit, then decided to do a corona test, because I still had a hard time believing that I didn't have corona... and guess what? This time it came back positive. Of course, by Friday I was feeling nearly 100% better. And that, of all times, is when it comes back positive?

So now I'm in quarantine in the apartment here, and my stay has been extended until I finish quarantine. And you know what? I'm actually totally fine with that. 

By now I feel 100% other than a slight cough, which means that now I get to do exactly what I intended to do- veg out. Eat, sleep, read, take baths, watch movies, etc. In peace and quiet. With no kids demanding my attention. With no housework demanding my attention. (Ok slight cleanup as I go, but so much easier when it is just me.)

And the place I chose, coming on vacation with an apartment in mind? That paid off. Because I wouldn't pick a better place to be in quarantine.

Got an extremely comfortable and large bed here.

Comfortable couch.

Dinette area.

Kitchenette area.

Giant TV on a swivel arm so I can watch either from the couch, the bed, the table, or while preparing food.

Oh, and did I mention the jacuzzi (something that this woman with chronically sore muscles really appreciates)?

There's also a porch but I haven't really used it since it's sweltering outside.

So basically, this getaway has turned into a coronacation and I'm actually totally cool with that. It is making sure that I didn't try to do stuff that would exhaust me, but force me to just chillax, something I haven't really been able to do since corona started.

And it's glorious.

No need to feel bad for me. As I said, I feel totally fine. (And if you're curious about Anneleise, her symptoms are nearly all gone. And Rose tested positive but is asymptomatic.) If y'all are the praying or well wishing/good vibes type, send them my way that my corona tests on days 4 and 5 come back negative so my quarantine is as short as possible and I don't have to extend my trip too long (for my kids' sake- on my end, I'm happy for a longer break).

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  1. Sending very best wishes to you and your girls that you enjoy your break and are all soon feeling well and being well.

  2. Thanks for the post. Sorry about the virus hitting your family. I'm glad it all worked out and hope that your able to go home soon. Enjoy the little things.

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