Let's Look at Some of the Most Popular Coffee Flavours

I used to hate coffee. Then I started liking it and then I loved it. Then I needed to stop drinking coffee because it gave me anxiety and now I miss it. I love vanilla coffee the best, but now I just enjoy the smell when my sons drink it. Here's some more info about other flavors of coffee that you might like. 

While the conventional taste of ground coffee beans will always trump its rivals, there is no denying that many people opt for flavoured coffee.

If you landed on this post, you're likely to be among the more adventurous coffee drinkers out there. You might even consider yourself an avid drinker of flavoured coffees.

If this sounds like you, then you may also be aware that platforms like Glasshouse Mountain Coffee remain the best providers of coffee information.

Barring the likes of them, in terms of coffee flavours, we've gone ahead and done a lot of the hard work for you.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular coffee flavours you can get your hands on.

Is flavoured coffee popular?

Since cafes and coffee shops started coming into full popularity in the 90s, people around the world began having no trouble finding a cup of coffee to buy. 

Innovation in coffee intensities, tastes, and flavours shortly followed suit.

Today, while some still prefer their coffee dark, standard and without flavouring, you'll have no trouble finding people who like a splash of something extra or different in their morning brew.

Admittedly, the right flavouring can be used to improve the taste of coffee. While some coffee flavours can be consumed daily, others are more seasonal than others. Can you spot which among our list is which?

The most popular coffee flavours around

Consider our quick list of the most popular coffee flavours

Mocha Flavoured Coffee

Okay, so this entry is no surprise to anyone who ever walked into a coffee shop, cafe or corner deli. The flavour is so common it, it's become every coffee seller's best alternative for non-hardcore bean heads.

It doesn't just taste good, though! Mocha works as a great trainer of the palate. If you know that one person who has a hard time enjoying coffee, always complaining about its intensity and flavour, then Mocha is their gateway point into the allure of coffee.

Mocha flavoured coffee isn't a hard concoction to reach if you have taste buds. It's a simple combo of coffee, milk and chocolate.

The result is a far sweeter, more cocoa-based flavour of coffee that isn't too overbearing for the coffee adverse.

Butterscotch flavoured coffee

As if sugar isn't addictive on its own, add some butterscotch to your coffee and you'll have a hard time putting your cup down.

If you think about it, the brown sugar and butter combination was bound to make its way into people's warm beverages. It's a no brainer.

Most drinkers of flavoured coffee prefer adding a squirt or two of butterscotch syrup to their brew to lower its acidity.

Hazelnut flavoured coffee

Hazelnut coffee offers a sweeter, slightly buttery taste. It could easily end up on anyone's favourite coffee flavours.

Could hazelnut be one of your favourites? If not, have you considered the distinct, nutty aroma it gives off? It tends to waft out of coffee shops so alluringly, ordering a cup becomes too hard to resist.

It's no wonder why a cup of hazelnut coffee can be seen in people's hands most mornings. Even the "I like my coffee strong and black" crowd have to give butterscotch coffee a round of applause.

Hazelnut happens to be a greater compliment to vanilla and chocolate beverages. It's no wonder you find the flavour increasingly infused into variants of ground coffee beans around the world.

Keen to give hazelnut coffee a try? Feel free to order a hazelnut latte the next time you enter a coffee shop. Your local supermarket may also have a few hazelnut blends to take home. Barring any of that, a squirt of hazelnut syrup in your everyday cup of joe should do the trick!

French vanilla-flavoured coffee

If your first thought when reading that was "mmm". Then you've hit the nail right on the head.

Among the most popular flavours of coffee is a little treat in the form of french vanilla. Perhaps more enticing than the taste is the name. Vanilla – no, thank you. French vanilla? Now you have our attention.

Truth be told, adding vanilla to coffee may seem questionable to some. Yet, the flavour truly seems adored by its crowd. It adds a distinctly richer taste that's caramelised, but it's light.

That's where vanilla holds its charm, it's a subtle flavouring that's easy to overpower or compliment with another.

Parting thoughts of flavoured coffee

Your perusal through your local supermarket may be your first step into the world of broader flavours. 

If you're a home coffee drinker or prefer using your coffee maker, buying a flavoured blend may be the better choice.

However, this dentist who does teeth whitening and dental implants in Cleveland TN wants to remind us that coffee is still an acidic beverage, and should be consumed in moderation.

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