My Thoughts on the Sleepsteady Mattress Protector

I remember when my brother, Josh, was diagnosed with an allergy to dustmites. The first thing I remember my parents doing was putting a mattress protector on the bed in his room to keep dust from getting into his mattress and to protect him from being exposed to any dust mites that may be there already. The mattress protector was plasticky and gross. I didn't want to touch it. When you put a sheet on it, you still could hear the sound the plastic made from underneath. And if your sheet accidentally came off in your sleep, you'd have the really pleasant experience of having your skin stick to the gross plastic.

It really, really, really put me off the idea of mattress protectors. Because in my mind they all were some type of torture, and something you only used as absolutely needed, because it was the "less bad" option. Like if your kid was a serial bed wetter, yes, having a mattress protector is important so they don't ruin the mattress, but only because a mattress protector is less bad than a ruined mattress. Fortunately my kids were all potty trained young and not bed wetters so I didn't need to deal with that.

When my kid was diagnosed with dust mite allergies, I didn't want to have anything to do with the mattress protectors, because of how awful they were in my experience.

But then I was asked to review the Sleepsteady mattress protector I decided to give it a shot. Couldn't hurt, right? At worst I get an icky plasticky mattress protector.

I was never happier to be proven wrong.

This mattress protector is unlike anything I had ever tried before. 

First off- plasticky ickiness? None whatsoever. The top of the mattress protector is soft and luxurious made from Tencel, a sustainably produced moisture wicking material, and I have to say, it is softer and nicer to touch than my own bed sheets! Not only that, having it under my sheets makes my whole bed softer and more enjoyable to lay on.

Confession- I may or may not enjoy just rubbing my hand back and forth on the mattress protector, since it is such a satisfying sensory experience.

In the past, I've purchased sheets that were really soft, as soft as this mattress protector, but the fabric was so stretchy and wouldn't stay on my mattress properly so I had to get rid of them. I was a little concerned that would happen with this mattress protector, especially because in our family we tend to move around a lot when sleeping and pull off sheets (yes, we've used sheet suspenders, and I never liked them or found they worked well), but the Sleepsteady mattress protector has such deep sides that it reaches down and below my mattress so I don't have to worry about it coming off at all- it hasn't budged since I put it on the mattress.

You'd think that, as soft and enjoyable as this mattress protector is to sleep on, it must not be fully waterproof, but it 100% is, it just is below the soft top so you don't notice the waterproof layer at all, while it still protects your mattresses from stains and smelly accidents. Unfortunately, things already spilled on the mattress protector, but nothing went through the layers onto the mattress, so that is very reassuring for me that it works and I'm not worried at all about my mattress getting ruined from accidents.

If you have kids that are nocturnal wetters, or if you have allergies in the family, but you were hesitant about getting a mattress protector because of the reasons I had with them, I'd definitely recommend the Sleepsteady mattress protector. Hopefully, you'll be as satisfied and pleasantly surprised with it as I've been.

This company is so sure that you'll love their product that they offer a 90 night guarantee.

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