How To Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship?

When you're first starting to date someone, or when first married, things are all new and exciting. But as time goes by, and you need to also live your "real life", especially once kids get into the picture, you might find you're putting less and less time into your relationship and it may become all about the mundane things enough. Here are some ideas to keep the spark alive in a relationship that is going on for some time.

A relationship naturally goes through different phases over the years. For example, you may have encountered certain family obligations or financial problems that shifted your focus elsewhere. So the 'spark' may disappear in your relationship, especially if you are not working on it.

Do you remember the last time you had an interesting conversation with your boyfriend or husband, or you both went on a dinner date?

A little 'spark' is essential for keeping and maintaining a forever relationship. What is this 'spark'? It can be otherwise called 'chemistry' or the strong connection. You can better describe it as that feeling of butterflies in the stomach. It's the current that passes through the body when your lover touches you. Now: 

Although this feeling may dim and gradually disappear, you can get the 'spark' back too. So couples who want to know the secret recipe to keep the spark alive or bring the spark back in their relationship, this article can help.

Ways to Keep Your Relationship's Spark and Romance Alive

Below are some of the best ways to keep your relationship's spark and romance alive. Let's check them out!

1. Talk with your loved one

Communicating with your partner is a must to keep the romance or spark alive in your relationship. So your top priority should be to make good communication.

When was the last time you had proper communication with your partner?

By proper communication or talking, we don't mean just chatting for a few minutes while having lunch, dinner, or before going to bed. Instead, it means talking about what's happening in another's life, trying to understand their point of view or love language, making future plans, or sharing an emotional connection.

Based on some research, a couple should have positive communication five times more than negative ones to maintain good, intimate relations.

2. Convey an emotion apart from 'I love you

Saying 'I love you' to each other is undoubtedly very important. In fact, these simple three words are usually the ultimate key to strengthening the bond between two people.

However, this phrase may not evoke the same feelings of connection or love as before. So you can express emotions like appreciation, gratitude, or admiration apart from love.

For example, say, "I'm so grateful for you," "You mean so much to me," or "I'm proud of you."

3. Try something new

Relationships wear out when routines and habits become the norm. Thus, you can try something new to exhilarate your relationship.

For instance, you can plan a vacation to a new place, go for brunch outside, or do anything new, small or big.

You can try doing all those first-time-in-love things that bring back old memories.

4. Plan surprises

Why not plan a surprise candlelight dinner for your partner? Or surprise them with a gift or a new album having photos of your first date, engagement, or so.

Does it sound illogical? But this can make a big difference for couples – give it a try!

Whether it's a surprise dinner date, a fun movie night, or a weekend getaway, do something you both enjoy and spend quality time with.

Your partner will appreciate your efforts and that you care enough to make time to plan such surprises for them.

5. Cook together

Why not try cooking together this weekend? It will be a glorious opportunity to work together and a new activity to try together (as suggested in point #3).

From chopping to preparing the dishes, you both will laugh out your way through. So even a basic meal at lunch or dinner can help to revive the bond or connection between you and your significant other.

6. Don't hold on to old stories

The 'spark' in a relationship often disappears because of past hurts or loss of trust. Nevertheless, should you decide to continue in the relationship, keeping a laundry list of wrongs will not benefit the relationship; each of you should choose to move forward without holding on to old stories. And it will be easier to do if one can truly forgive and let go of all old disappointments.


Past stories are like news. As the days pass, a past story becomes old news, and it is over. So instead, focus on the present and make your partner feel loved.

So, you are recommended to follow the above strategies and enact them immediately. Rest assured that they will help bring back the missing 'spark, ensuring lasting pleasure and uninterrupted passion in your relationship.

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