Should I Get a Baby Monitor with Extra Features and Uses?

When my kids were little, I co-slept with them. But for parents that don't, especially if you have a larger home where a baby may be sleeping a little further from where the parent is, a baby monitor can be very helpful. New baby monitors often have extra features, but are they worth it? This piece below explores that.

When purchasing a baby monitor, it is best to consider what other features are available on the models that you are considering. We all know that a baby monitor is used to keep an eye on your baby while they sleep in another room. You can also use a baby monitor to communicate with your child if they wake through the night, with most newer models acting like a two-way radio.

However, there are some current models of baby monitors that offer other features to help you to look after your child and soothe them overnight.

Which Additional Features are Necessary?

Additional features are not a necessity for all of us. However, for some parents, additional features are required or wanted for several reasons. Some baby monitors include lights that are projected onto the wall or ceiling for your baby in case they wake up, and it is dark. Additionally, some baby monitors will play white noise or other soothing music for your child to help them remain settled throughout the night.

Using additional features is easy with these types of baby monitors with a click here or a switch turned there, you will be able to engage whichever feature will best soothe and settle your baby. The great benefit of using this type of baby monitor is that you will save yourself money elsewhere in purchasing additional toys that provide those features.

Cost Benefit

The benefit of combining a baby monitor and a product that will soothe your baby is huge if your baby needs this type of settling overnight. However, if you have a child who sleeps well, it might be that those features are not needed. This is something you will not know in advance of your child's arrival, and so you may unnecessarily purchase a baby monitor that offers more than you need.

As is expected, baby monitors with these additional features do have a higher price tag, so it is best to be sure you need them if you are buying on a budget. One way to do this is to wait until after your little one's arrival before you purchase your baby monitor. Health professionals recommend that babies sleep in the same room as their parents when first brought home, making a baby monitor not strictly necessary right away. 

Having your baby in your bedroom overnight is also a great way for you to assess what they need to be soothed with, when waking through the night. You will then be able to shop for only what is needed for your baby. Waiting until after your baby is born has the added benefit of being able to use any gift cards or gifts of money received for practical and useful purchases that you will use every feature of.

However, if you are not shopping on a budget or you want to have everything purchased ahead of the birth, we highly recommend purchasing a baby monitor of this kind. The benefits of being able to soothe your baby with gentle music on the same app as you check that they are sleeping soundly will give you more peace of mind and less getting up and down through the night for you too.

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