Using Shopkick -- An Easy Way to Earn Money While Shopping

Money is tight for most of us. And while we can try many ways to save money, we also need to make money. But making money takes time, and many of us are swamped whether with our children, our jobs, or our lives in general, and don't have the time to spend to make money. 

Enter Shopkick, an app that give you rewards, known as kicks, for what you already are doing anyhow, or other very easy things. These kicks then translate into dollars used for gift cards at a variety of different stores and companies. Basically that means... free money, without needing to expend valuable time and energy. You might even have fun while doing so!

So, how exactly does this work?

First, you earn kicks doing some very, very easy things.

Then you trade in your kicks for rewards. Every 250 kicks is worth $1. You need to get at least 500 kicks to get a gift card, but each retailer has a different minimum amount. There are over 40 different gift card options you can choose from, such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Starbucks, but my favorite of all is Paypal, because that doesn't mean needing to spend at a specific place you may not need something from. I have a Paypal debit card so that means that a Paypal gift card means free money that I can use anywhere, even things like paying bills.

Then you spend your not-hard-at-all-earned money on whatever you want. Simple as that.

Ways to Get Kicks

1. Show up:

The absolute easiest way of earning kicks is simply walking into participating points with your phone bluetooth on. See, earning money from something you anyhow are already doing!

2. Scan Things:

Use your phone camera to scan specific featured items in stores while shopping and get kicks per scan. This can add fun to your shopping trip because now you have a little scavenger hunt you can do. No need to buy any of these things, just a pic will do.

3. Receipts:

...But if you buy a featured item and snap a photo of your receipt, you get even more kicks. For example, scanning an item might get you 25 kicks but buying it might get you 250 kicks!

4. Link your card:

If you link your debit/credit card (don't worry, the app is secure), using that card at participating retailers will get you kicks for every dollar you spend. (And if you use a card that has cash back or other reward points, you end up getting double time, both those rewards and your kicks!)

5.  Online shopping:

Shopping online through the app at particupating stores, you'll get kicks for every dollar you spend as well.

6. Discover:

Through the discover tab on the app you can get kicks by watching videos or even finding hidden ones in pieces of content.

Sounds simple enough, no?

What now?

Now you go to the app store on your phone (ioS and Android) and download Shopkick. Use the promo code PENNILESS when registering (or in the settings on the app once registered) and you'll get a bonus of your first $5 in kicks, as long as you get 50 kicks within 7 days.

Wishing you lots of fun getting your kicks and earning giftcards- most Shopkickers are able to earn a giftcard every week!

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