5 Kitchen Tools to Invest in as a Beginner Chef

I've written about the kitchen equipment you'll want to have if you're trying to save money in the kitchen. Here are some ones you'll specifically want if you're learning to be a better cook.

Every chef needs the right tools. If you’re an aspiring chef who is just getting started in the world of cooking, you’re going to need the essentials before you begin.

Whether you’re aiming to turn cooking into a career and become a professional chef, or you simply want to learn the basics in the kitchen, investing in the essential tools will set you up for success. Here is a list of kitchen tools that you should own as a beginner chef to prepare healthy dishes for you and your family.

Set of Chef’s Knives

This might be stating the obvious, but every chef (whether you’re a newbie or a pro) needs a set of high-quality knives. A standard set of kitchen knives simply aren’t as strong or as sharp and precise as professional chef’s knives!

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a set of chef’s knives. There are lots of affordable options that are strong enough to withstand several years of daily use.

Knife Sharpener

Blunt knives are no good when you’re trying to achieve precision cuts in your meat or chop through tough veggies. To go along with your new set of chef’s knives, you’ll need a whetstone knife sharpener.

You won’t need to use your knife sharpener every time you cook but if you’re cooking every day, avoid leaving it for more than two weeks before sharpening your most-used knives again.

Food Processor

Having a trusty food processor will save you a bunch of time and energy in the kitchen. Some processors come with chopping and slicing options, so you can add your fruits and veggies into the machine too.

Lots of recipes require you to process or blend ingredients in a food processor, such as sauces and dips. With a great food processor, you’ll be able to create dips with a smooth and creamy consistency to add to your dishes and impress your dinner guests.

You’ll also be able to use your food processor to finely grind flour when you’re making bread or sweet treats.

Chopping Boards

Without a set of chopping boards, you won’t be able to do very much in the kitchen! As a beginner chef, you’ll need at least three different chopping boards to keep your ingredients separate while creating complex recipes.

You might prefer to get colored chopping boards. Doing so will make it easier to keep your raw meats, fish, and vegetables completely separate to avoid cross-contamination.

We recommend getting thick wooden chopping boards over flimsy plastic ones as they are more durable and luxurious. A great wooden chopping board can last decades!

Digital Thermometer

When you’re cooking meats, you might need to check the internal temperature to make sure it’s fully cooked before serving. For this, you’ll need a thermometer.

Digital thermometers read with higher accuracy than manual options, so you can cook your dishes to a precise temperature for the best results.

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