3 Excellent Reasons for Children to Learn Playing a Musical Instrument

I am a big fan of kids learning to play music. Growing up, I had lessons in piano, recorder, and harmonica. For my kids I purchased and taught them how to play those (keyboard instead of piano) as well as using apps that taught. Recently my daughter has asked for a ukelele so is in the beginning stages of learning how to play that. Here are some great reasons to have your kid learn to play an instrument.

Children, at a very young age, are naturally drawn to music. Like adults who turn to listen to their favorite tunes when they feel happy, angry, or sad, music has a way of keeping a child’s emotions in check. The love for music probably begins while a child is in their mother’s womb. Many mothers may sing to their babies while pregnant, noticing responses to the melodies they hum or the soft music they play in the background.

During their growing years, children also develop their favorite music to listen to. They may be watching a children’s show on TV and start singing along to its theme song. They quickly memorize tunes they like as children absorb what they see and hear. Apart from reading bedtime stories, any child falls asleep quickly when a parent sings to them. And when they are around a group of friends, they all share a love for popular bands or singers, singing and dancing along to familiar songs they enjoy.

More than listening to music, children can especially benefit from learning how to play a musical instrument. Actively participating and developing their musical skills can be very helpful in a child's development. Parents can encourage their kids to pursue their passion for an instrument of their choice by providing them with the tools to learn, enrolling them in a music school, and involving themselves in their child's musical activities. If their child shows an inclination to play the guitar, for instance, it would be best for them to get the best guitar books for kids to help them learn more about their instrument and how to play it simply and enjoyably.

Here are some ways children benefit from learning to play a musical instrument.

1. They learn patience and perseverance

When a child is learning to play a musical instrument, it takes time spent on practice. When mastering a piece, it can take several days or weeks, depending on the speed that a student takes to learn. Because of this, a child learns how to be patient and persevere if they want to learn. Music is very interesting, motivating a child to work harder, especially when they see the fruits of their labor. In turn, they also learn to be patient with other aspects of life and persevere when they want to attain their goals.

2. They are happier

There is no question that music makes us happy. It re-energizes us when we feel sluggish and out of sorts, calms us down when we are stressed, and lifts our spirits when we are down. When a child learns how to play an instrument, they have a sense of fulfillment. They are happier when they notice their improvement and find pleasure in playing a piece perfectly.

3. They are more self-assured

A child who learns and eventually masters playing a musical instrument is more self-assured about their capabilities. They know they have a unique talent and are happy to share it with everyone. While boosting their self-confidence, their social skills improve as well.

Playing a musical instrument is a joyful experience for children and adults alike. It is an excellent medium of expression everyone can benefit from.

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