Sticking to a Budget While Shopping for Seasonal Fashion

If you like dressing nicely, but also care about your pocketbook, you might find it a challenge to balance the two. Here are some ways you can find a middle ground and shop for fashionable clothing on a budget.

For sartorial individuals, staying abreast of the latest fashion trends is one of life’s greatest joys, but it may be hard to do so in 2023. As reported by McKinsey, after experiencing vertiginous growth in early 2021 and mid 2022, the fashion industry began experiencing a slump, as hyperinflation seriously slashed the budgets of even the most spendthrift fashionistas. Sticking to your budget as a fashion-loving parent is therefore more important now than it has been in many years. The following strategies will ensure you and your kids are “on point” without breaking the bank.

Identifying Seasonal Trends

In order to ace your seasonal style, it is advisable to make a list of the trends you think will suit you and your family members. For 2023, Vogue claims that must-have apparel includes padded coats, soft mohair separates, jacquard wraps and scarf skirts, long skirts, chunky cable-knit sweaters, faux fur, cardigans, and sparkled items. For the summer, hot trends will include multi-pocketed cargo pants, sheer dresses, grunge clothing (think flannel shirts and baggy denim), asymmetric hems, and denim shirts and pants, and metallic materials. In terms of swimwear, look no further than balconette bikini tops that flatter fuller busts, while also offering a becoming fit for smaller busts thanks to their sculpted cups. The 90s sports bikini trend is also hitting hard, as are adjustable tops that allow you to determine how much (or how little) coverage you’d like. For kids, trends include swimwear with 3D details, bows, and nature-inspired fabrics.

Vintage Shopping

Vintage and pre-owned shopping are doing a roaring trade, with many sites selling pre-loved luxury and everyday items alike. A look at seasonal designs will reveal that the trends they embrace are reiterations of past loves such as cargo pants, denim, and transparencies. Study the designs presented at Big Four fashion weeks and aim to find vintage pieces that match them as closely as possible. For instance, if you find a 1990s asymmetrical denim skirt, then you know it’s a winner!

Investing in Basics

Wardrobe basics for women include a suit, crisp white tops, a LBD, tailored pants, and pencil as well as flowing skirts, with a maxi dress thrown in for good measure. For kids, basics should include a few long-sleeve Tshirts, a couple of sweaters and sweatshirts, two or three dresses, a dress skirt and one or two good tops, a pair of jeans, a couple of legging, and tank tops for layering. These items can be considered an investment and should be high-quality so they last for at least two years. They can be paired with seasonal temptations like a scarf skirt, a sparkly top, or a faux fur jacket. Quality does the trick when it comes to well-fitted outfits that look smart and feel comfortable, making them favorites for fashion-forward kids.

Splurging on Seasonal Accessories

For main garments, secondhand is undoubtedly a good choice if you are a parent on a budget. However, for under $20, you can buy a host of accessories that will add a “statement look” to even the simplest of outfits. Cheap trends to get into include colorful shoelaces, boldly-hued sneakers, headbands, fringed handbags, faux pearl necklaces, large statement earrings, and big brass buttons

Remaining fashionable in tough times is challenging but it can also be seen as a way to demonstrate your creativity. Take a look at what’s trending in Paris, New York, Milan, and London, and make a list of items you think you can find in vintage stores and secondhand online shops. Invest in quality basics, spending a small amount on small accessories that can actually turn your and your kids’ outfits into head-turners.

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