6 Fun Ideas for Family Game Night

One of those great ways to bond as a family is by playing games together. My kids and I like to play games regularly- Wise Guy is played at least once a week round these parts. If you need ideas for things to do as a game with your kids, here are some great ideas.

Family game night can become one of those heart-warming, nostalgia kick traditions that your kids take with them well into their adult years. It doesn’t take much time to put together a fun night that everyone can enjoy on some level, and even if you have a big age range to cater to there are plenty of options to discover. So, for some good old fashioned fun and a nice way to bond with your family, read on for some ideas to make a great family game night.

Stick with the Classics

It is hard to go wrong with classic games. Take this in any direction you want with either board games, verbal acting games like charades, or quiz nights. With the classic varieties, there is something for every member of the family, even the youngsters! Quiz nights could be done in teams. One adult and one child make one team and they have a list of questions. Another adult and another child are another team and they have their own set of questions to ask. That way, even the youngest person in the family gets to be involved and have fun too. Board games are great for slightly older children, but there is an assortment for toddler-aged kids as well.

Try Word Games

Another option is to introduce your children to word games. Word games are amazing for school aged children, and those about to step into the world of formal education, and it’s not all about the learning. There is a big emphasis on fun, which is why they are perfect for game night. Plus, it’s always a bonus when you manage to impart some wisdom while entertaining your cohort, so word games are definitely on the list to engage with.

Explore a Traditional Deck of Cards

There is a card game for everyone. A simple game of snap for the younger kids or an introduction to more adult themed styles for the older teens in the room; the options are endless. Card games also teach a variety of essential skills, which is always beneficial. For example, children can learn valuable number skills, whether it is learning to recognize and read numbers, simple addition and subtraction, or pattern recognition. They also encourage independent thinking and core memory skills are enhanced. The ability to concentrate on an objective is boosted too.

Make it Physical

If the weather is nice, and the mood strikes, why not make family game night a physical activity? Exercise is important, after all, as is teaching your kids to look after their physical bodies. It doesn’t have to be the Olympics, but you can have some similar fun with an in-house sports off! Try an egg and spoon race up and down the garden, or let the children go wild creating an obstacle course for you all to try out.

Have a Bake Off

Alternatively, if it’s all grey skies and rainy days, consider throwing a family baking competition instead. Everyone has some prep work to do before game night commences, but as soon as the buzzer dings it is time to get in the kitchen and make your creation! Baking is a great way to have fun while also showing the younger generation essential life skills such as how to handle the kitchen and simple cooking techniques.

Do Improv

If you want something completely outside of the box, try mixing up family game night with an improv-style challenge. Each person gets to run with whatever idea they want and create a whole improv scene, just like they do in the comedy clubs. You could provide prompts and props, and really go all out!

Family game night is an open book. Let the kids guide it, but don’t forget your input is valuable too and there are lots of ideas to build on together.

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