Free Food! Yay!

In my town there are a lot of families that aren't well to do financially, in large part because of having many children without a large income, so there doesn't end up being much money per family member. Because of this, we have various charities that distribute food to people, often food that nears its expiration date or is in other ways less desirable. I get things from such distributions, but there are different ones in different areas. 

After the people invited to the distribution take what they want, there sometimes are some items left over which are them free for the taking by anyone who wants, whether or not they have a need, since otherwise it would end in the trash.

I have a friend that, after distributions end, will post in our local giveaway Whatsapp group if there are large quantities of anything left over. And on Thursday night, at 11 pm, just as I was about to start getting ready for bed, she sent out a message that there was so much tofu left over for anyone to take, as well as a lot of milk and different produce. Now that I have a car it wasn't such a big deal for me to just put on shoes and head over (a 2 minute drive) to pick up things.

And man, was there a lot of tofu. It is such a shame that it would end in the trash. I grabbed a bunch (I don't remember how many, and tried to figure it out based on the picture but my head isn't able to focus on math at the moment) and decided that I'd freeze some and use some. But there was still a huge crate filled with tofu.

I saw another crate filled with bags of milk and I took a bunch of that as well, but less than the tofu since just a less than 2 weeks before I got about 20 liters of milk from a similar distribution and we were still going through them.

Most of the produce seemed too yucky, but I found two good looking giant celery stalks and took them.

There were also giant cabbages that looked somewhat yucky, but with cabbage you just peel off layers until you get to a good layer. I did this to one of them, and even after removing a few layers it was still too big to fit on my refrigerator shelves, so I'm glad I only took one. (Once I cut it to make cabbage salad, then it fit.)

Yay for free food. Now I gotta see how I want to use all that tofu. Will gladly take ideas. It is basil flavored tofu. 

And I'm really glad I have a car that it wasn't a tough decision if I should go walk out there in the middle of the night, but was something quick and easy which yielded a nice result.

Have you gotten any free food or anything else lately? What was it? Would you leave the house at 11 pm to go get free food?

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