Recent Frugal Accomplishments

My recent frugal accomplishments are now back to our regularly scheduled programming! I tried to post this a week after my last one so you could see how much I got done in a week, but time flew by, so instead of I have three (or is it 4?) weeks' worth of frugal stuff. It's fun to see just how many frugal things I did during that time.

Here are the frugal things I did, broken down by category.

Frugal cooking
  • I turned spoiled milk into yummy pancakes.
  • I baked spiced and diced tofu that I got for free.
  • I used leftover coleslaw and leftover rice to make fried rice.
  • I took free tofu, free celery, and leftover rice and made it into fried rice.
  • I took free tofu, free celery, and cilantro that was going off, and made noodles with peanut sauce.
  • I made homemade vegan cheese sauce.
  • I made homemade enchilada sauce.
  • I made homemade salsa.
  • I stretched ground beef by mixing it with shredded zucchini.
  • I took vegetables on their very last legs and made them into soup.
  • I repurposed leftover salsa into an eggplant dish and into a fish dish.
  • I made a stir fry with eggplant and fennel that were both on the way out and free tofu.
Frugal Shopping
  • I got a discount at the pharmacy by using points from an app.
  • I stocked up on cheap vegetables when I was near a super cheap grocery store.
  • I bought a cheaper bag of hand soap to refill my soap bottles.
  • I bought chocolate, tuna, and date nut balls on sale
  • Ike needed new glasses, so I replaced the lenses of his old glasses instead of buying new. 
  • Both my boys needed new contact lenses so I bought a year's worth each because it works out much cheaper. The optometrist let us switch the leftover pairs of contacts in the wrong prescription with pairs of contacts that were the right prescription. 
Frugal Fun
  • My friend and I went to the movies and used a credit card deal to get two tickets for the price of one. We brought popcorn and lemonade from home to enjoy during the movie.
  • On an outing with my daughter we used points from an app to get free snacks.
  • We went to a free aerobatics show.
  • When I bought my car in January I was within the first year of having my local drivers' license and therefore needed to pay a much higher sum of money for my yearly insurance. I called back as soon as my year was up at the end of April and now my policy was updated to a non new driver and got the difference back from what I'd overpaid.
  • My toilet was leaking and I bought the replacement part and fixed it myself.
  • I fixed my leaky sink.
  • My son's heavy duty extra strong fan was making horrible noises to the extent that my son wanted to throw it out. I took it apart, cleaned it well inside including all the hairs and strings that had wrapped themselves around the blade and oiled it well, and now it is back to working order, with no shrieking.
I'm pretty proud of this list. I love looking back and seeing these things. It makes me feel accomplished. What frugal things have you done recently?

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