7 Decluttering Tips for Busy Moms

Do you need a no-nonsense guide on decluttering for the overwhelmed? If the daily chaos of toys, laundry, and random odds and ends has you feeling a bit suffocated, you're in good company. I get it. In this blog post, we'll tackle decluttering with practical tips that fit the reality of our busy lives. So, if the idea. of a minimalist haven seems like an unattainable dream, stick around. The goal is order, without the overwhelm.

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. But between work, school drop-offs and pick-ups, after-school activities, meal prep, and more, life can get hectic for moms! Keeping a tidy home amidst the chaos of daily life is no easy feat. Clutter can quickly take over, leaving you feeling overwhelmed.

The good news is there are many effective ways to tackle clutter and keep your home organized. As a busy mom, a little decluttering each day goes a long way towards maintaining order. Here are seven tips to help you declutter your home and free up more time and space for what matters most to you.

1. Start Small

When you're short on time, resist the urge to declutter your whole house in one fell swoop. This massive task can quickly become overwhelming. Instead, choose one small area to tackle each day, like a kitchen drawer, closet shelf, or part of a room. Setting a daily timer for 15 or 30 minutes helps you make decluttering a habit without taking up too much time. Celebrate small victories!

2. Give Each Item a Home

Clutter accumulates when things don't have a proper place. Give every item a "home" where it lives. Use baskets, bins, organizers, and storage furniture to create homes for items. Label containers so even kids can put things away properly. Make sure homes are easy for the whole family to use.

3. Turn Paper Clutter into Digital Flies

Modern moms have the advantage of digitizing documents and memories for clutter-free storage. Scan your kids' artwork and school papers and save them to cloud storage or external hard drives. Take photos of sentimental cards and kids' crafts. Sign up for e-statements and bills instead of paper. Go paperless as much as possible.

4. Utilize Hidden Storage Spots

Your home likely has unused storage spots just waiting to be maximized. Under the beds, above doorways, in closet corners, and more. Get creative and use these hidden spaces to tuck away seasonal items, memorabilia, extra linens, toys with small parts, files, and other items cluttering visible areas. Use storage bins to corral items. Rotating seasonal items helps, too.

5. Donate and Sell Items

Instead of letting unused stuff pile up in boxes in the garage or attic, put items to better use. Donate gently used clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, and housewares to charity. Kids can be involved and proud of giving to others in need. Sell valuable collectibles, electronics, designer brands, and vintage items online. The money earned can fund family activities!

6. Put Unused Items in Storage

If you’re struggling to find enough storage space for all of your things, consider putting them in a storage facility like Bolt Storage. You could store all of your seasonal items like Christmas trees, tinsel, and Halloween decorations in these facilities until you need them next. This is a simple, cheap, and easy way to make your home look less cluttered.

7. Let Kids Take Ownership

Giving children responsibility over their own spaces is key to teaching decluttering habits. Have kids regularly tidy, clean, and organize their bedrooms, play areas, closets, and toy bins. Provide them with kid-friendly storage items to facilitate the process.

Show children how to properly organize their possessions. Neatly stacked books, sorted Legos, folded clothes, and grouped toy sets keep rooms orderly. Allow them to arrange their special belongings how they want for a sense of ownership.

Set aside 10-15 minutes each morning and evening for kids to tidy their spaces. Make cleaning together a weekend ritual. Play fun music and get the whole family involved. Offer rewards like stickers for cleaning milestones. A little praise goes a long way, too.

Decluttering as a busy mom requires some creativity and commitment. But taking it step-by-step makes it manageable. Establishing organization systems and productive habits keeps chaos at bay. A tidy home provides a peaceful oasis for you and your loved ones amidst the adventures of family life.

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