Lost My Facebook Page- New Facebook Page

I can't believe it- my Facebook page was hacked yet again, and these hackers are posting pornography yet again. I am disgusted, but I can't delete it because I have been locked out of access to it. I don't know how/if I'll get it back again, and if I will, I will be deleting it, because if this can happen twice, it can happen again, and I would never want that to happen again, and I'd rather lose everything on that page than have pornography being posted under my blog name.

So I made a new Facebook page, and will be updating it and making it hopefully as good and even better than the last one. Please follow me there, and unfollow the porn showing old one.


Penniless Parenting Official Page

Penniless Parenting

Mommy, wife, writer, baker, chef, crafter, sewer, teacher, babysitter, cleaning lady, penny pincher, frugal gal

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