Moving On a Budget - Tips for A Low-Stress, Cost-Effective Smyrna Move

Are you moving soon? Moving can be a real pain in the butt, a big stress, and quite expensive. But there are some things that can remove some of the pressure and cost. My guest author has some terrific ideas, which you can read below, but there's another idea I wanted to include.

When moving to a house, especially with different dimensions, you might be tempted to buy new furniture to suit the new place, either because you want to start new in a new place, or to suit the new layout better. However, a move as it is is expensive, and adding the cost of new furniture on top of those expenses can make for a really expensive month (or two). If you can make do without new furniture or appliances in your new home, that will obviously save the most. But if you just hold off temporarily, so you can look around for sales, second hand items, etc... you can comparison shop leisurely, without needing to worry about it arriving immediately in your new home, and you'll be more likely to get items that suit your home well without spending as much money.

Read on for more ideas.

Are you moving soon? Preparing for your move now can help save you a lot of stress and potentially even some money. Opting for a professional moving company, asking friends for a favor, and taking advantage of discounts are just a few great ways you can save on your upcoming move.

Track Down Free or Cheap Moving Supplies

You’ll only use the cardboard boxes and tape you buy for moving once, so why spend a fortune on them? There are plenty of ways to get free or cheap moving supplies. Do a quick search of your online marketplace, and you’ll likely notice a lot of people giving away boxes or selling them for much less than what they paid. You could also chat with your local grocery store to find out what they do with their produce boxes each week. Finally, some moving companies include boxes with the price, meaning you may not even have to worry about finding them yourself.

Go With a Professional

A professional residential moving company can actually save you money. Professional movers have expert tips and resources that make your move more convenient and efficient, often saving you on costs. Of course, you also can’t put a price tag on stress or injury. If you were to get injured while moving your stuff, you might be out of work, which is much more expensive than hiring movers in the first place. Don’t forget that movers are also less likely to damage your valuables, and any damages that do occur are backed by an insurance policy.

Bargain With Friends

Even if you go with a professional, you could still save a few dollars by asking some friends to help with packing or unpacking boxes. While you may have enough friends to help you out of appreciation for your friendship, you could also sweeten the deal by bargaining. Offer to supply your friends with their favorite meal in return for their help. You could also tell them you owe them one, whether that means helping them with boxes when they move next or offering to help them with other household tasks, like painting or cleaning.

Take Advantage of New Resident Deals

Many cities and counties offer new residents discounts on local restaurants or services. This can be an excellent way to offset the costs of moving. Additionally, as soon as you change your address with the United States Postal Service (USPS), you’ll receive a welcome gift with discounts on things like cable providers and food delivery services.

You can also take advantage of new customer deals for home services, like cable or internet. As a new customer, you’re often eligible for the best rates. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to shop these deals and choose the best one. This often means calling around before you fully make the move. These welcome packets also sometimes include discounts on home decor items.

Host an Estate Sale

Host a garage or estate sale before your move date and get rid of any large items. You can apply the funds you earn to the cost of moving. If you have anything left over, you can splurge on a new furniture set or home decor items. You’ll also save money by not having to move as much stuff since most moving companies charge based on the load size.

Be Timely With Your Utilities

If you don’t time your internet or electric hookups right, you could end up splurging on a hotel to stay comfortable. Try to time your utilities so that you’re not overpaying by leaving them on too long at your previous residence but that they’re also on time for your planned move. Don’t forget about cable, internet, and water connections.

Pack an Overnight Bag

Pack a bag that you’ll carry with you rather than put on the moving truck. Packing an overnight bag ensures you have everything you need until the moving truck arrives at your new house. Otherwise, you may have to go to the nearest store to stock up on toiletries, clothing, or other needs.

Time Your Move

If you have control over the time you move, including the day, month, and time of day, you could also save even more money. Many moving companies are willing to offer deals during slower seasons, including the winter months. Peak moving seasons are summer, as people attempt to fully move before starting a new school year. Movers are also quite busy in the fall as they help students make the transition from home to school and back. If possible, moving during the week can help you avoid peak prices since most people move on the weekends.

Moving doesn’t have to break the bank. You can offset many of the costs of moving by hosting a garage sale or working with a professional moving company. In many cases, professional moving companies can save you money since supplies and fuel are often included in the total price. With a little planning, a low-cost, low-stress move is possible.

What are your tips for moving as cheaply and least stressfully as possible?

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